Top 100 Most Influential Kenyans(2022/23)

Top 100 Most Influential Kenyans(2022/23)

Are you looking for the list of Top 100 most influential Kenyans 2022/23 ? You are in the right place as we dive in the list released by a reputable Kenyan media outlet. Presenting about 20 new people on the list that you should know.

Most Kenyans over the years have risen to the global stage leading to a stiff competition among the top 100 Kenyans. However, this does not mean there are not over a million Kenyans doing great things for the Nation and Internationally. A close research done by Kenya’s own media outlet has released the names of the 100 most influential persons presently. See below:

The list presented above is a integral of the 100 influential people in Kenya. Kenya is blessed and this paints the picture patently.

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