How to save the iPhone 14 Plus

How to save the iPhone 14 Plus

On paper at least the iPhone 14 plus should be a home run, it’s the bigger version of I feel like affordable. However, we just got word that Apple has cut production of the iPhone 14 series by four percent that’s generally not something that happens.

If you’ve got a success on your hand all signs are pointing to the iPhone 14 plus not being a success Apple hoped it would be but question at least that we’re asking around the online “did Apple make a bad phone is the reign of the iPhone over or they just missed the mark?.” With the 14 plus so not the iPhone 14 plus has been out for like let’s just say two months. One thing is clear, this phone is fine there’s nothing offensive happening here there’s also nothing crazy newly Innovative amazing or any other crazyout positive adjective that I can think of it’s an iPhone that’s bigger but is that a good thing?

iPhone 14 is a solid device. Apple decided to not change much with it compared to the 13 but the 13 was also a great phone so the year over year changes Innovation isn’t exactly like necessary. I guess even if on paper it’s the same basic phone you’re still getting a good device. The iPhone 14 plus just gives you now a bigger version of that device. I like much Sir Mix-A-Lot love big screens the bigger the better but I also don’t like 60 hertz displays. I am a screen snub and I’m not afraid to admit it especially in 2022 so for me it’s a mixed bag with the 14 plus.

It’s also rumored that, the Ultra model will be the larger of the top two end iPhones making the plus a more affordable large screen option and a lot of this was just speculation and stream of Consciousness. It’s a very similar story with the mini phones that came out the previous two years, it seems like there was demand there it seemed like people wanted them and then they released people gravitated towards other devices. The 14 plus is a very solid phone there’s just nothing exciting about it and at the price point it’s a less compelling option, compared to the Pro Models in a lot of ways the 14 plus to me is one of the most confusing phones that they’ve put out.

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