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How to Make Money with TikTok Series

How to Make Money with TikTok Series

TikTok has introduced an exciting new feature called Series that allows creators to monetize their content in a whole new way.

With Series, you can create multi-part videos, set a price, and sell access directly to your followers.

This opens up opportunities to showcase your expertise through educational content, provide behind-the-scenes looks, and much more.

If you meet TikTok’s eligibility requirements, Series provides a valuable new stream of revenue. Follow these tips to successfully make money with TikTok Series.

Overview of TikTok Series

Overview of TikTok Series

Series allows you to bundle together a collection of videos up to 80 parts and 20 minutes each. You can charge viewers a set price between $0.99 – $189.99 to access the full package.

Some key features of Series:

  • Sold directly through and in-app.
  • Flexible pricing from $0.99 up to $189.99.
  • Upload up to 80 videos up to 20 mins each.
  • Add free introductory/trailer video.
  • Go through TikTok’s review process.
  • Promote via in-video links and profile.
  • Viewers pay one price for unlimited access.

Series is currently limited to select creators, but will roll out more widely soon.

Eligibility Requirements

To offer Series, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 18+ years old
  • Public personal account
  • 30+ days old account
  • 1,000+ views in last 30 days
  • 3+ public posts in last 30 days
  • Post original content
  • Provide content samples (if requested)
  • Account in good standing

Business, private, and political accounts are not eligible at this time.

How to Create a TikTok Series

How to Create a TikTok Series

Follow this step-by-step guide to create and monetize your own Series:

1. Strategize Your Content

Determine the topic and structure for your Series. Stick to niches and formats your current audience already enjoys. Offer something exclusive that goes deeper into a topic.

2. Produce High-Quality Videos

Invest time into polished, professional videos. Use stable camera work, optimal lighting, clear audio, and vertical orientation.

3. Choose a Trending Sound

Pick a popular sound that complements your content. Search TikTok’s Commercial Music Library for commercially licensed options.

4. Make a Compelling Trailer

Hook viewers with a free introductory trailer. Use exciting clips from your Series or create a dedicated sneak peek.

5. Price Your Series

Evaluate your time investment and expertise to pick a fair price. Analyze competitor rates. Expect to earn around $9 per view based on consumer spend preferences.

6. Edit Your Series Details

Fine-tune your Series title, description, cover image, and video order. You can edit up to 5 times before publishing.

7. Promote Your Series

Drive traffic by linking to your Series from organic TikTok posts and highlighting it on your profile. Use relevant hashtags.

8. Follow Community Guidelines

Adhere to all TikTok policies. Carefully review content before publishing to avoid violations.

Tips for Successful TikTok Series

Apply these best practices to maximize your income potential with Series:

Hook viewers with a captivating trailer

Your trailer is the first impression of your Series. Invest time into creating an exciting teaser that demonstrates the value to get viewers to purchase.

Choose the right price

Test different price points between $0.99-$189.99 to find the sweet spot of perceived value. Start lower until you build a subscriber base.

Promote your Series across platforms

In addition to TikTok, spread the word about your Series on other social media profiles to drive traffic.

Analyze performance data

Check Series analytics to see total views, revenue, and subscriber demographics. Use insights to refine your approach.

Offer limited-time access

Consider making your Series available for only a short time period to create urgency.

Reward existing followers

Offer a special discounted rate exclusively for your current subscriber base as a loyalty incentive.

Collaborate with other creators

Team up with creators in your niche to cross-promote each other’s Series and expand reach.

Give sneak peeks of upcoming content

Keep fans engaged after purchasing by teasing what additional exclusive content you’ll release soon.

Provide value and build relationships

Focus on consistently over-delivering value rather than a quick payout. Solicit feedback from fans to strengthen connections.

Promoting Your Series

Getting eyes on your Series is crucial. Implement these promotional tactics:

  • In-video links – Directly refer viewers to purchase your Series in related organic TikTok posts.
  • Profile spotlight – Feature your Series catalog prominently with a dedicated button on your TikTok profile.
  • Hashtags – Include relevant Series and niche hashtags so your content surfaces in searches.
  • Cross-platform marketing – Promote your Series across your other social profiles like Instagram and YouTube.
  • Leverage existing followers – Share exclusive sneak peeks and discounted rates for your current fans.
  • Collabs – Partner with creators in your niche to tap into each other’s audiences.
  • Captions – Use captions that are benefit-driven, intriguing, and include a strong call-to-action.

Driving traffic and subscriptions is an ongoing effort. Continually share teasers and marketing messages that convey the value your Series offers.

Examples of Monetizable Series Topics

The possibilities are endless for the kinds of exclusive content you can monetize through Series. Consider these engaging ideas tailored to TikTok’s popular categories:


  • Behind-the-scenes of being an influencer/content creator
  • Daily vlogs showing your creative process
  • Comedic skits/storylines
  • Voice acting tutorials


  • App development and coding tutorials
  • Gadget and new technology reviews
  • Gaming strategy and technique guides
  • Computer build tutorials


  • International cuisine recipes
  • Advanced cooking techniques
  • Meal prep system walkthroughs
  • Decorating tips for next-level presentation


  • Celebrity makeup tutorial recreations
  • Special effects makeup guides
  • Hair coloring and styling techniques
  • Skin care regimen and advice


  • Custom workout and diet plans
  • Outdoor adventure and extreme sport tips
  • Mindfulness and meditation guides
  • Sports coaching and skills training


  • Career and business advice from industry experts
  • Language learning through immersive videos
  • Brain training exercises and activities
  • Personal finance tips and investing crash course

The options are truly unlimited. Dig into your unique interests, skills, and access to provide novel value to audiences willing to pay.

Make Money with Made for You

In addition to Series, TikTok now offers Made for You. This feature allows fans to commission custom videos from creators.

You set your rate for these personalized videos starting at $5. Topics can range from shoutouts, advice, product reviews, song dedications, and much more.

Made for You represents another potential revenue stream. Ways to maximize earnings include:

  • Set rates – Establish different pricing tiers based on request complexity. Charge more for involved content.
  • Upsell addons – Offer extras like longer runtimes, additional revisions, promotional graphics, etc.
  • Promote widely – Spread the word across your profile that you offer these custom videos.
  • Provide excellent customer service – Foster loyal repeat buyers by delivering exceptional videos quickly.
  • Stand out with originality – Take customized videos to the next level with unique concepts. Add props, locations, costumes, etc.

Leverage Made for You to complement your standard content and allow closer fan interactions.


TikTok’s Series feature presents a game-changing way for creators to be rewarded for the value they provide. By packaging exclusive content into a paid series, you can generate a new stream of revenue from your top-notch videos.

Follow the steps and best practices outlined above to start monetizing your expertise and creativity in an entirely new format.

The potential to engage fans more deeply and turn your passions into profits awaits.


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