Does Rev accept Kenyans? What To Know

Does Rev accept Kenyans? What To Know

Rev is a popular online transcription service that connects freelance transcribers with clients who need audio files or videos transcribed. Unfortunately, Rev does not currently accept transcribers from Kenya.

According to Rev’s documentation, they only accept freelancers from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (excluding California due to regulation changes)

You must be physically located in one of the approved countries and have official identification documents from those locations to work with Rev.

How to Become a Transcriber in Kenya

Even though Rev does not accept Kenyan transcribers at this time, there are other ways to get started as a transcription freelancer within Kenya:

Get Training and Experience

Take an online transcription training course to learn the skills needed for transcription work. Some popular courses are offered on Udemy or through transcription blogs/websites.

Volunteer to do unpaid transcription work for local nonprofits to gain experience.

Join transcription forums online to connect with other transcribers and learn from them.

Build Your Profile

Create a profile on freelance job sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer to offer your services.

Build a portfolio website showcasing your past transcription work and credentials.

List your services on marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and LinkedIn.

Get Certified

Earn transcription certifications through organizations like TranscribeMe and GoTranscript to bolster your credentials.

Consider getting certified in legal or medical transcription if you want to specialize.

Find Kenyan Clients

  • Reach out to companies, researchers, authors, and others within Kenya who may need transcription services.
  • Partner with translation agencies or subcontract your services through local businesses.
  • Use job sites and social media to promote your transcription services.

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Does Transcription Pay Well in Kenya?

Transcription work can be lucrative in Kenya if you find the right clients and niches, but generally pays less than more developed countries. Some key points:

  • Most entry-level general transcription work pays 3-5 cents per audio/video minute.
  • Higher rates of 6-12 cents per minute are possible with experience, specialties, and direct clients.
  • Top earners charge 15+ cents per minute for expert legal/medical transcription.
  • Salaries for in-house corporate transcriptionists in Kenya average 50,000-150,000 KES per month.
  • Freelancers can expect to make 10,000-50,000 KES per month initially through online platforms and clients.
  • Taking on transcription work from overseas clients/companies generates higher income closer to American/European rates.

Overall, transcription income often depends on your niche, experience level, client base, and whether you find high-paying international clients. It can be a steady side income for Kenyans but is less likely to pay as lucratively as foreign companies.

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How to Open a Rev Account in Kenya

Unfortunately, Rev does not allow Kenyan freelancers to open accounts and work on their platform at this time. Their country restrictions prevent accepting transcribers outside of the approved nations they list.

Kenyans are not able to bypass location requirements and sign up for a Rev account with a non-Kenyan address. Rev thoroughly verifies identities and locations of all applicants during the onboarding process.

While Rev does not currently operate in Kenya, there are a few alternative transcription companies that accept Kenyan freelancers:

  • TranscribeMe – Provides test-based transcription and allows freelancers from Kenya.
  • GoTranscript – Transcription jobs open to Kenyans who pass skills assessment.
  • Way With Words – UK-based company that hires internationally, including Kenya.

The best option is for Kenyan transcribers to promote their services independently to clients within Kenya rather than relying solely on foreign transcription companies.

Building a local client base as a freelancer offers more long-term control over income and opportunities within the Kenyan transcription market.


Although Rev does not accept applications from Kenya at this time, there are still opportunities for Kenyans to find rewarding transcription work through private clients, online platforms, and transcription companies open to Kenyan freelancers.

The key is gaining skills, experience, and certifications to demonstrate your capabilities to prospective clients.

With time and effort, Kenyan transcribers can build a successful career independent of location restrictions on sites like Rev.

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