Application Letter For Attachment In Hospital: Sample + How To Write

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Getting an invaluable attachment opportunity at a top hospital in Kenya takes more than just luck.

Your application letter needs to immediately grab attention and persuasively make your case.

This complete guide reveals the secrets to writing a winning attachment application letter.

From properly addressing the recipient, to succinctly introducing yourself, to expressing compelling interest, you’ll learn step-by-step techniques to showcase your qualifications.

Follow structured templates and real-world examples for highlighting relevant coursework and experience.

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Discover how to make a confident but respectful attachment request while professionally closing with appreciation.

Use these proven tips to craft the high-impact application that gets you the life-shaping attachment you deserve at the ideal hospital.

Your next career-accelerating opportunity is waiting – let’s master the application letter that secures it!

How To Write An Application Letter For Attachment In A Hospital

How to write an application letter for attachment in a hospital in Kenya:

  1. Address the letter properly. Make sure to address the letter to the specific person or department handling attachments. Use their correct name and title.
  2. Introduce yourself. In 1-2 sentences, introduce yourself and your interest in an attachment position at the hospital. Include any relevant background or qualifications.
  3. Specify the attachment position wanted. State the specific attachment position or department you are applying for. Reference any job listings or contacts at the hospital.
  4. Highlight your skills and experience. Use 2-3 paragraphs to explain why you are qualified for this attachment, including relevant skills, knowledge, training, coursework, and prior experience/attachments.
  5. Express interest and fit. Describe why you are interested in this attachment at this specific hospital and how your skills would be a good fit for their needs and work.
  6. Request formal attachment. Politely request to be considered and approved for the attachment program/position at the hospital. Include your availability and commitment.
  7. Thank the recipient. Thank the reader for their time and consideration. Provide contact details and availability for further discussion.

Address the letter properly

When writing an application letter for an attachment position at a hospital in Kenya, it is crucial to address the letter properly.

This ensures it reaches the correct person and makes a professional first impression. Here are key tips:

Know who to address it to

Do research to find out the specific person or department that handles student attachments for the hospital. Often there is an Attachments Coordinator or HR Manager.

Get the correct name and title of this person. Properly addressing them shows care.

Generic letters “to whom it may concern” may not get proper attention.

Use a formal title

Address them by their title and surname (e.g. Dr. Mwenda or Mr. Oduor). This shows respect.

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Only use their first name if you already know them personally. Otherwise, keep it formal.

Check contact details

Verify the hospital address, email and/or phone number they should be contacted at. This prevents misdirection.

Hospital addresses often have departments or units included.

Hospital Contact Details
Head of Attachments Programmes 
Kenyatta National Hospital 
Attachments Department 
Hospital Rd, Nairobi

Follow a formal format

Structure the address in a formal business letter format. This gives a professional impression.

Each element should be on a separate line:

  • Recipient’s title and name
  • Department/position
  • Hospital name
  • Full postal address

Getting the address correct ensures your application letter gets directly to the right person able to process it.

Taking time on these details matters and will position your attachment application more professionally.

Introduce yourself

A strong application letter for an attachment position introduces who you are and your interest right up front. Effective introduction paragraphs:

  • Identify yourself and academic institution
  • Specify your level of study
  • Introduce your field of study and specialization
  • Express interest in an attachment at the hospital
  • Highlight key relevant background and qualifications

Here are tips for writing a compelling introduction:

Lead with Name and Institution

State your full name upfront in the first line. This allows immediate identification.

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Follow with your university or college in the next line.


My name is Jane Wambui and I am a student at Kenyatta University completing my Bachelor’s in Nursing.

Specify Academic Level

  • Clearly state your current level of study – 3rd year, 4th year, Master’s, etc.
  • This helps establish your stage of training and competencies.

I am currently in my final year of studies.

Introduce Field of Study

  • Name your degree program and area of concentration or specialization.
  • This highlights your relevant knowledge base.

I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, specializing in pediatric care.

Express Interest in Attachment

  • Directly state your interest in an attachment at the specific hospital.
  • This frames the purpose of your letter.

I am very interested in pursuing a nursing student attachment at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Highlight Relevant Background

  • Note 1-2 pieces of your background or qualifications relevant to the attachment.
  • This provides support for your application.

I have completed coursework in pediatric health and family care and previously shadowed nurses at Children’s Hospital.

A polished introduction establishes your credentials and directly expresses interest in an attachment opportunity. Taking time on this paragraph can make a strong first impression.

Specify the attachment position wanted

When applying for an attachment at a hospital, it is important to clearly specify the exact position or department you are interested in. This allows the hospital to direct your application appropriately. Here are tips:

Be specific about the attachment opportunity

  • Name the precise role, department, or program you wish to attach to.
  • Reference any job codes or listings. Avoid vagueness.

I wish to apply for an attachment as a Student Nurse with the Pediatrics Department at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Mention duration/timeframe needed

  • State how long of an attachment you need, such as 2 months or 6 weeks.
  • Consider their minimum or maximum attachment duration.

I am hoping to complete a 3 month long attachment starting in June 2023 after my exams.

Refer to any contacts

  • If you’ve been referred by someone at the hospital, mention their name.
  • This can provide a point of reference.

I was informed about attachment opportunities by Dr. David Mutiso in the Neonatal Unit.

Show understanding of any requirements

  • Reference any prerequisites, courses, skills required for the role.
  • Demonstrate you meet any expectations.

As a 4th year nursing student, I have completed coursework in Pediatric Care, Vaccinations, and Phlebotomy as required for this attachment.

Reiterate your fit and interest

  • Close by restating your strong interest and fit for this specific attachment.

I believe my experience and studies make me a strong candidate for this pediatric nursing attachment opportunity.

Being specific about the exact attachment opportunity desired displays your understanding of their program. Take time to clarify the details of the position you are applying for.

Step 5 – take the 4th point from the list from Step 1 and write a 700 word article using markdown formatting, bolded words, lists and tables where applicable.

Highlight your skills and experience

A key part of a hospital attachment application letter is highlighting your relevant skills, knowledge, and experience for the position.

This section provides evidence for why you are qualified. Follow these tips:

Open with your motivation for this field

Explain what draws you to this field or role to show your genuine interest.

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Pediatric nursing has been my passion since volunteering at a children’s home during high school.

List your relevant coursework

Name classes, labs, and training directly tied to attachment duties.

Relevant coursework includes Pediatric Nursing, Child Psychology, Growth Development, and Family Care.

Summarize hands-on experiences

Include attachments, internships, clinics, or volunteer work. Quantify hours or duration if possible.

I gained experience caring for young patients during my 3-week nursing attachment at Kijabe Mission Hospital.

Highlight relevant skills

What abilities from your training would apply? Clinical skills? Communication, charting?

Through my coursework I have developed strong pediatric assessment skills and comfortable phlebotomy technique.

Show understanding of professional expectations

Demonstrate you have researched their protocols, values, and nursing practices.

I appreciate KNH’s commitment to family-centered care and continuity of care across departments.

Mention any specialties or strengths

Note any unique competencies, training, or interests you bring.

I am particularly interested in gaining neonatal experience during this attachment.

Quantifying relevant training and competencies can powerfully convey your qualifications. Be detailed in matching your background to the attachment opportunity.

Express interest and fit

Expressing sincere interest and enthusiasm is critical for an attachment application letter.

Thoughtfully explaining why you are drawn to the specific hospital and see it as an excellent fit will make you stand out. Here are proven techniques:

Discuss why this hospital interests you

What about their reputation, services, or values is appealing? Be specific.

KNH’s wide range of specialty departments and commitment to research strongly appeals to me.

Talk about why you would be a great fit there

What do you offer that matches their needs?

My passion for evidence-based family care aligns well with KNH’s holistic approach.

Show you understand their work culture

Research what past attachés or staff say. Does their mission resonate?

Friends who have attached at KNH have described an empowering learning environment.

Explain how the attachment would benefit your goals

What experience and exposure will help further your education and career?

The direct patient contact and specialized mentorship at KNH will greatly accelerate my nursing skills.

Imagine your potential future at this hospital

Can you envision being part of their team long-term? Come across as committed.

I hope to establish myself at KNH and contribute for years to come after graduation.

Be enthusiastic and complimentary

Use positive language. Avoid sounding entitled or demanding.

I would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attach with KNH’s respected Pediatrics team!

Making a personal connection and sharing your genuine interest can distinguish your attachment application. Spend time on this section.

Request formal attachment

An essential component of an attachment application letter is directly requesting that your application be approved and the attachment arranged.

This should communicate your commitment and availability.

Follow these techniques:

Make a clear formal request

Use language like “I would like to formally request” or “I am writing to apply”

I am writing to formally request consideration for a nursing student attachment position…

Note your attachment availability

Are there specific dates or a timeframe that work for you?

My schedule is flexible, and I am available full-time for a 2 month attachment starting in June 2023.

Emphasize your commitment

  • Stress how seriously you are taking this opportunity.

I am extremely committed to fully engaging in and contributing to the department during my attachment.

Inquire about next steps

Ask what the process is after submitting your application. Interviews? Background checks?

Please advise me as to the next steps in the application and placement process.

Follow instructions if provided

  • Some hospitals may have specific instructions for applying. Make sure to follow them.

As directed on your website, I have attached a CV, transcript, and reference letter.

Give appreciation in advance

Thank them politely for consideration even if not yet approved.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of my attachment application.

Making the ask directly is important. Be clear in formally requesting an attachment opportunity while also expressing flexibility, commitment and appreciation.

Thank the recipient

It is important to close an attachment application letter by thanking the reader for their time and consideration.

A polished, grateful concluding paragraph makes a positive final impression. Use these closing techniques:

Express appreciation

Thank them sincerely for reviewing your application materials.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review my attachment application.

Reiterate your enthusiasm

Restate your strong interest in an attachment at their hospital.

I am incredibly excited by the prospect of completing an attachment with your team.

Provide contact details

Supply your phone number, email, location so they can reach you.

Please contact me at or 0700-123-456 with any further questions.

Note availability

Mention if you have upcoming exams or when you could start.

I am available to start a full-time attachment from June through August of this year.

Encourage further discussion

Say you welcome the chance to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

I would be happy to meet with you and learn more about attachment possibilities at your hospital.

Inquire about next steps

Ask what you should expect after submitting your application.

Please let me know if any interviews, assessments or documentation are required next.

Polite, enthusiastic gratitude and availability to discuss next steps further will leave a great final impression.

A strong closing builds a relationship with the reader and asks for the next conversation.

Example of application letter for attachment in a hospital

Before we close this, here is an example application letter for an attachment position at a hospital:

20th February 2023

Head of Attachments Program
Human Resources Department
Kenyatta National Hospital
Hospital Road

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Jane Mutua and I am a final year Bachelor’s Degree student pursuing Nursing at the University of Nairobi. I am writing to formally request consideration for a nursing student attachment position with the Pediatrics Department at Kenyatta National Hospital.

I have a strong passion for pediatric care, especially neonatal health, stemming from my volunteer work at a local children’s home. Through my nursing coursework, I have developed expertise in areas including Pediatric Nursing, Growth Development, Child Psychology, and Vaccination Administration. I previously completed a 2-month attachment on the Neonatal Unit at Coast General Hospital where I gained valuable hands-on experience caring for critically ill newborns.

I am particularly interested in attaching with Kenyatta National Hospital because of the wide scope of pediatric specialty experience I would receive. Friends who have completed attachments at KNH have raved about the supportive learning environment and clinical exposure. I appreciate your hospital’s holistic, family-centered care philosophy and am eager to learn from your talented pediatric nursing team.

My schedule is very flexible, and I am available for full-time attachment duties starting in June 2023 after completing my exams. I am ready to fully commit myself to engaged participation, learning, and contributing during my time at KNH. Please advise me as to the next steps in the application process. I have attached my CV, academic transcript, and a letter of recommendation as required.

Thank you in advance for considering my attachment application. This would be an invaluable opportunity to refine my nursing skills and learn from the best pediatric team in the country. I can be reached at 0721-345-678 or to discuss this further and look forward to hearing from you.


Jane Mutua

Download the example of application letter for attachment in a hospital in PDF below?.

Key Takeaways

  • Address the letter properly to the right contact using formal business format.
  • Introduce yourself lead with name, institution, field of study, and interest.
  • Specify the exact attachment position wanted, duration, contacts, and requirements.
  • Highlight relevant skills and experience like coursework, competencies, and understanding of their protocols.
  • Express sincere interest and fit based on research of the hospital’s culture and needs.
  • Formally request the attachment noting your commitment, appreciation, and availability.
  • Thank the recipient for considering your application and provide contact details.


Carefully structuring an engaging, detailed, and polite attachment application letter will position you strongly for the opportunity.

Take time to highlight your unique qualifications while also expressing genuine fit and enthusiasm.

Follow up promptly to further discuss attaching with the hospital’s team.

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