The Ultimate List of Writing Sites in Kenya That Pay Daily

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Last updated on July 6th, 2023 at 06:40 am

Online writing is a popular job in Kenya, and many sites offer regular opportunities to make money writing. 

Not all of them offer daily payment options though, so it can be difficult to know where to look. 

However, this article has compiled the ultimate list of writing sites in Kenya that pay daily. 

Here you will find a comprehensive overview of each site and what they can offer you as a writer looking for daily payments. 

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  • Get $10,000 in your DEMO account
  • Minimum trading amount is $1
  • Get up to 98% Rate on Return
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • $10 minimum withdrawal

This article also provides guidance on how to use the sites effectively and maximize your earnings potential with these online platforms.

Overview of the gig economy and online writing platforms in Kenya

The gig economy is quickly becoming a major source of income for many people in Kenya. 

In fact, with the rise of online platforms, freelance writing has become one of the most popular ways to make money online in Kenya!

These writing sites in Kenya allow writers to take on work on a variety of topics and be paid hourly, daily, weekly, and even monthly for their efforts. 

You can choose from various topics and formats, including blog posts, articles, ebooks, and even web content. 

These sites also offer editors and proofreaders who can help improve the quality of the material before it’s published. 

This allows you as a writer to focus more on creating quality content instead of worrying about errors or typos that could cost you potential customers or readers. 

Why you need reliable and fast payment methods as a freelance writer in Kenya

I’ll just say it; you have bills to pay, rent, or other expenses that require immediate attention. 

And that’s why most Kenyan freelancers prefer services that offer fast payments as soon as their articles are approved.


1 Quotex Logo
  • Get $10,000 in your DEMO account
  • Minimum trading amount is $1
  • Get up to 98% Rate on Return
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • $10 minimum withdrawal

Well, this allows them to quickly access their funds without waiting for a long time. 

Some of the most popular payment methods for freelance writers in Kenya include PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer, which provide instant transfers with minimal processing fees. 

And many online writing sites in Kenya also offer direct deposit into bank accounts or mobile money wallets such as M-Pesa or Airtel Money. 

For example, you can easily connect your PayPal account to your MPESA mobile wallet!

The same to Skrill!

Why you should find writing sites in Kenya that pay daily

Who doesn’t want to be paid right away?

I surely do for a couple of reasons.

Not only does it provide reliable and consistent income, but it also helps build professional relationships between me as the writer and the client. 

See, daily payment options ensure that writers can focus on their current project without worrying about when and how they will get paid for their work. 

With such an arrangement, I can rest assured knowing that I will receive a steady stream of income to support myself and my family. 

1 Quotex Logo
  • Get $10,000 in your DEMO account
  • Minimum trading amount is $1
  • Get up to 98% Rate on Return
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • $10 minimum withdrawal

Furthermore, daily payment sites in Kenya often offer bonuses for completing projects on time or referring new clients to the site, thus providing an additional source of income for those who need it most. 

List of Writing Sites That Pay Daily in Kenya

  • Listverse
  • Contently
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • The Barefoot Writer

Does online writing pay in Kenya?

It is possible to earn money through online writing in Kenya. Though the amount and frequency of payment may vary depending on the platform and type of content being produced. 

Freelance websites, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, offer opportunities for writers to earn money by completing writing projects for clients worldwide. 

Not to forget, some websites, such as Medium, allow writers to earn money through their writing by offering a revenue-sharing program for their content. However, the amount earned can be limited and may not be consistent.

How do I become a freelance writer in Kenya?

To become a freelance writer in Kenya, follow these steps:

  • Develop your writing skills: Practice writing regularly and read books and articles to improve your writing style and language.
  • Build a portfolio: Create a portfolio of your work that showcases your writing skills and demonstrates your ability to write on different topics.
  • Establish a network: Join writing communities, attend writing workshops and events, and connect with other writers and clients to build a network of contacts.
  • Determine your niche: Identify your area of expertise and specialize in writing about that particular subject.
  • Set your rates: Determine how much you want to charge for your writing services and be flexible with your rates to attract more clients.
  • Market your services: Create a website or social media profile to promote your writing services and reach out to potential clients.
  • Deliver quality work: Meet deadlines, produce well-researched and well-written articles, and maintain a professional demeanor to build a positive reputation.

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6 Best Writing Sites in Kenya that Pay Daily

1. Listverse

Getting Paid Daily As A Writer

Pay rate: $100 (Ksh 12,000) per article.

Payment methods: Strictly PayPal.

Submission requirements: Original content of at least 1 to 2 paragraphs, and you must have a PayPal account.

Listverse is a hub for lists that cover a broad range of subjects, from entertainment to politics and everything in between. 

The site has a unique approach, as it only requires submissions to be brief, consisting of one to two paragraphs. 

A touch of humor is encouraged in articles; all content must be original and written in a natural English language.

If you have creative ideas for lists that have the potential to go viral, then submit them via the Listverse form

If your submission is approved, you will receive a $100 payment through your PayPal account. 

Although the approval process may not be immediate, they pride themselves on being efficient.

1 Quotex Logo
  • Get $10,000 in your DEMO account
  • Minimum trading amount is $1
  • Get up to 98% Rate on Return
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • $10 minimum withdrawal

2. Fiverr

Getting Paid Daily As A Writer

Pay rate: You set your own rates.

Payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Fiverr Revenue Card: Powered by Payoneer
  • Bank Transfer: Powered by Payoneer
  • Direct Deposit: Powered by Payoneer

Submission requirements: None — you create your own projects.

Fiverr is a platform that prioritizes freelancers, where you craft your own listings, establish your rates, and wait for clients to approach you. 

After a client orders your service, you complete the job and receive payment, which is held in a clearance period of 14 days. 

The clearance period is shorter for top-rated freelancers (7 days) but requires $20,000 in lifetime revenue to obtain that status. Withdrawals are allowed once per day.

Fiverr can be competitive, yet it offers the advantage of determining your own payment and services. While immediate success may not be guaranteed, the site provides opportunities to advance your freelance career, construct a portfolio, and connect with clients.

To begin, set up a seller profile on Fiverr and define your offerings. To increase visibility, consider promoting your services on social media or wait for organic discovery through the site’s search engine.

3. pay daily

Pay rate: between $100 and $250.  You are paid $150 for your first four articles, and $250 for every one after that.

For that amount, i’d say this is one of the best writing sites in Kenya that pay daily!

Payment methods: PayPal

Application process:

  • Sign up for the Cracked Comedy Workshop and carefully read the guidelines.
  • “Pitch” your idea in the format that will be explained to you.
  • Work with Cracked’s editors to shape the idea.
  • If the idea is accepted, write up a draft and get paid.

Cracked is a website that takes a humorous approach to life. 

With articles, pictures, videos, and more, it offers a space to showcase your comedic talent and earn money. 

The site has been accepting contributions from freelance writers since 2007. 

Whether you’re a seasoned humorist or just starting out, you can pitch your ideas to the Cracked team.

For contributing to the site, payments range from $100 to $250, depending on the length and number of articles you’ve published previously. 

If you have substantial writing experience, you can also apply to become a Cracked columnist.

4. Contently

Contently pays daily

Pay rate: $0.75 to $2 per word

Payment methods: PayPal account

Application process

  • Sign up: Register for the platform, verify your email address, and input your basic information.
  • Optimize portfolio: Add your creative work to your portfolio: articles, blog posts, copywriting, photography, design, video—anything that speaks to your niche and expertise. Check out these great tips.
  • Get approved: Our team will review your previous work to see if you’re a good fit for a client. If you don’t hear from us immediately, continue adding new work. Our clients’ needs change daily, and you might be a good fit in the future.
  • Complete Training: Once approved to freelance with Contently, you’ll receive a tutorial for working with brands through our platform. Once you complete it, you’ll officially be part of our freelance network.

5. Upwork

Writing Sites in Kenya That Pay Daily

Pay rate: Depends on what the client sets

Payment methods: PayPal and MPESA

Application process: To get started, create an account, fill out your skills profile, and start your search.

Another one of the best writing sites in Kenya that pay daily is Upwork.

You must be tired of hearing about it by now, especially if you are a seasoned online writer in Kenya!

But if you are new to this, Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers to find clients for their services. 

Freelancers can search for job postings that match their skills and bid on projects. 

These projects range from entry-level writing to specialized areas like SEO, blogging, or social media.

AND yes, the platform can be competitive, with many freelancers vying for the same opportunities. 

However, it can be valuable for networking with clients and building a writing portfolio.

Payments on Upwork can be either hourly or fixed rate. 

Freelancers charging hourly rates will receive their payment once a week, after their timesheet has been submitted and approved by the client. 

The funds will clear 5 days after the payment is made.

On the other hand, fixed-rate payments go into clearance as soon as the client accepts the work. 

For example, if a project is accepted on Tuesday, the freelancer can withdraw their funds the following Sunday.

Pros and Cons of Writing for Daily Pay Sites in Kenya

Writing for daily pay sites in Kenya offer both sides of the coin, benefits and a share of downsides.


1. Reliable and fast payment

The most obvious pro is the guaranteed and reliable payment system. 

Most of these sites will guarantee you receive your payment within 24 hours of submitting a piece, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks or months to be paid. 

Payments are usually made directly into your PayPal account or other digital wallets, which makes them faster and more secure than via cheque. 

Another pro is the speed at which work can be completed when writing for daily pay sites in Kenya. 

Since these websites need articles quickly, writers can work on multiple articles at once and still get paid within the same day – making it a great way to generate income quickly! 

This also ensures that writers stay productive as they don’t have to wait around for payments from other projects but instead focus on generating content with immediate results. 

2. Wide variety of writing opportunities

Most of these freelance sites in Kenya allow writers to do articles, blog posts, product reviews, press releases and more. 

You have access to a range of topics and can choose which ones they are most interested in covering. 

This allows them to hone their skills in different areas while also earning money. 

And there is often an opportunity to increase your rate as you gain experience and build up a portfolio of work. 

3. Flexibility of work hours

It allows writers to choose when and how often they want to work, making it easier to fit their writing around other commitments such as family or a part-time job. 

Depending on your availability and workload, you can also take on as much or as little work as you wish. 

This makes these sites ideal for those with irregular schedules, need time off for holidays, or simply don’t want full-time commitment. 

The flexible nature of these sites also means that you can plan ahead and schedule your own personal deadlines in order to meet requirements set by clients. 

4. Potential to earn a good income

Writing sites in Kenya offer writers the potential to earn a good income. 

For many freelance writers, this is one of the most attractive aspects of these writing jobs. 

With just the right amount of dedication and hard work, you can make a comfortable living working online in Kenya with these sites.

But remember, the earning potential for writing gigs varies greatly depending on experience level and quality of work. 

Online writers with more experience have the chance to command higher rates, while those just starting out can expect lower rates until they gain more knowledge and expertise. 

No matter what level you’re at as a freelance writer, there are plenty of opportunities to make money through writing sites in Kenya that pay daily if you are willing to put in the effort and do your research. 


1. Highly competitive market

The market for freelance writing jobs in Kenya is highly competitive. 

With thousands of writers vying for limited positions, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and make an impression on employers. 

To stay ahead of the game, writers must have a deep understanding of their chosen field, be adept at quickly producing quality content on tight deadlines, and develop relationships with potential employers. 

Not to mention, having a portfolio that showcases past work and results is important to demonstrate your writing skills. 

Successful freelance writers in Kenya also look at ways to differentiate themselves from other candidates.


Well, researching into industries they are interested in or offering specialized services such as ghostwriting or copywriting. 

Taking courses and learning new skills can also help you stay ahead of the competition.

It allows you to provide additional services that other writers may not offer in the same market. 

2. Low pay for inexperienced writers

Unfortunately, some of the writing sites in Kenya that offer daily payment offer low pay, especially for inexperienced writers. 

The rates offered to newbies are usually much lower than those provided for more experienced authors who have proven their skills and have a portfolio showcasing their work. 

That’s assuming you actually get lucky to get a project!

This can be discouraging for those who lack experience in the field.

You may not receive adequate compensation for the time spent on article production and research. 

Moreover, it may take months before freelance writers can get enough reviews to significantly increase their hourly wage or per-article rate. 

Still, there are plenty of opportunities available through various freelancing websites in Kenya where inexperienced writers can gain valuable experience while earning some money along the way. 

That’s why I always insist on you build a portfolio and acquire positive client reviews.

It enables you to charge higher fees and eventually make a living out of freelance writing in Kenya.

3. Potential for scams

Be aware of potential scams!

You should always double-check the legitimacy of websites you are considering working with before submitting any materials. 

Research reviews from other writers or customers and look for red flags, such as requests for personal information or payment in advance. 

One more thing.

Beware of companies that claim to offer high rates but have no clear description about what kind of work is expected or payment terms. 

If a company does not provide clear expectations, it could be a sign that they are not legitimate and could be attempting to scam inexperienced writers out of their time and money. 

It’s best to avoid these opportunities altogether, as reputable companies will always provide an outline of their requirements. 

4. Constant need to find new clients

This is so unfortunate!

One of the cons of relying on platforms to find writing work is that there is a constant need to find new clients. 

As most writing sites in Kenya are based on individual projects, the writer needs to seek out and apply for other jobs actively once one project ends. 

This can be time-consuming if you depend solely on these platforms as your main source of income. 

Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have consistent work; it’s necessary to constantly search for more projects and opportunities in order to make sure you don’t run out of jobs.

For this reason, you should diversify your sources of income by looking beyond just writing sites.

Start using social media outlets such as LinkedIn or Twitter to reach potential clients who may be interested in their services. 

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Earnings on Writing Sites in Kenya

Knowing the best writing sites in Kenya that pay daily is not enough!

You need to know how to milk every drop of ‘juice’ out of it!

a. Specialize in a specific niche 

You see, by focusing your efforts on a particular area of expertise, you can become an authority and command higher rates for your work. 

Besides enabling you to hone your skills, specializing in one topic also increases the chances that potential clients will find your profile when they are searching for writers with a certain set of skills. 

Moreover, having a niche focus allows you to serve better the needs of those who hire you.

And assures them that their project is being handled by someone knowledgeable in their field. 

Furthermore, specializing helps ensure that you are targeting the right kind of clients who can afford quality work as opposed to those who might be looking for writers willing to accept low payouts. 

b. Improve your writing skills

ONCE you’ve picked a writing niche, become an expert in your field or topic.

You can read up on relevant topics and stay current with industry news. 

This will help you produce quality content more quickly and efficiently while increasing your earning potential. 

Aim for higher-paying writing jobs in Kenya by demonstrating your competency through samples of previous work as well as certifications or qualifications, if applicable. 

c. Create a professional profile and portfolio

These two are essential components of becoming a successful writer in Kenya. 

On this hand, a strong profile allows potential clients to learn more about your writing skills and experience.

And on the other hand, a portfolio showcases the best of your work. 

When setting up your professional profile;

  • Include an up-to-date photo of yourself
  • Any relevant writing qualifications or awards you have earned. 
  • List the types of content you specialize in and provide links to published work where possible. 
  • Ensure all contact information is accurate and current so potential clients can easily get in touch with you for assignments. 

For your portfolio, compile samples of articles or blog posts that showcase the range and quality of your writing style. 

This should be regularly updated with new pieces as they become available so that it reflects the most recent projects you’ve completed. 

d. Network! Network! Network!

Networking with other online writers is an invaluable asset for any aspiring writer who is looking to make money writing in Kenya. 

It gives you a chance to learn from experienced professionals, but being part of an experienced group can also help you find paying work more quickly. 

One of the best ways to network with other professional writers in Kenya is through online writing forums and job boards.

These are typically great places to connect with others and discuss topics related to freelance writing, such as finding new clients or learning how to write better pieces. 

They provide a platform where writers can post their own job offers and advertise their services – making it easier for potential employers to find them in the first place. 

e. Take advantage of high-paying opportunities

If you want to make the most of your freelance writing income, scoop up high-paying opportunities whenever they come your way. 

These jobs generally offer more money for less work, allowing you to maximize your earnings and improve your overall financial situation.

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Alternative Ways of Earning Money as a Freelance Writer in Kenya

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot rely entirely on writing sites in Kenya that pay daily!

There are both peak and off-peak seasons in this industry.

The question is, when you are writing for clients, how do you pay the bills?

a. Self-publishing 

Self-publishing is an excellent way for freelance writers in Kenya to make money. 

You can sell your work directly to readers without going through a publisher. 

This means you keep more of the profits from the sales and gives you full control over how much you charge for your books. 

It also eliminates the need for marketing and promotion since it’s up to the you to spread the word about your book. 

Above all, self-publishing is a great way for budding authors in Kenya who may not have access to traditional publishing options.

It gives them an opportunity to showcase their work and get paid for it. Writers can use platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Kobo Writing Life to publish and distribute their books in popular e-book stores worldwide. 

b. Start and monetize a blog

Besides writing for clients, blogging is a great way to make money online in Kenya as a freelancer.

And with the necessary tools, you can easily create a blog in Kenya and begin writing about topics that interest you. 

Once you’ve built enough readership, there are several ways to monetize the blog.

For example, advertising revenues, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling products. 

To explain further, advertising revenue from banner ad placements on the website is one of Kenya’s most popular forms of monetizing blogs. 

This involves partnering with online advertising networks that provide ads for websites based on their target audience or niche market. 

A good example of such a platform is Google AdSense.

Affiliate marketing is another option.

Here, you promote other people’s products and services in exchange for commissions when customers purchase through your links. 

You can learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing in Kenya here.

c. Ghostwriting

As a ghostwriter, you write articles and other types of content for clients without taking any credit; instead, you get paid a fee for the work. 

It provides a great opportunity to make money while staying anonymous. 

Freelance writers who specialize in ghostwriting can often earn more than those who write under their own name.

This is because they don’t have to build up their reputation or market themselves since the client gives them all the credit. 

According to PayScale, the average ghostwriter makes around ​$39.31​ per hour.

That’s around Ksh 4,800 per hour!

Not to mention, many clients are willing to pay extra for quality services like research and editing that a good ghostwriter can provide.

d. Offer training

Another way to supplement your writing income in Kenya is to offer training to others

This can be both a rewarding and profitable endeavour, and many experienced writers choose to provide freelance seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Training sessions may touch on topics such as copywriting, SEO optimisation, article writing or even content marketing. 

Beyond this, you could also become an editor and tutor for other Kenyan writers who are looking to hone their skills or grow their portfolios. 

As a trainer or mentor, you can set your own rates based on the length of the course or session as well as the experience level of the participants. 

With these ideas, you don’t have to rely on writing sites in Kenya that pay daily for work!

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Final Thoughts

The list includes options such as content mills, freelancing sites, and job boards. 

Each of these sources provides an array of opportunities for Kenyan writers to earn income, often with no minimum word count requirement or set hours. 

The most important thing as a freelancer in Kenya is to stay motivated. 

Writing may be a solitary activity but there are plenty of resources and support networks out there to help you succeed. 

Take advantage of online communities like Facebook groups and Twitter chats for advice on how to pitch for jobs, negotiate rates, and more. 

1 Quotex Logo
  • Get $10,000 in your DEMO account
  • Minimum trading amount is $1
  • Get up to 98% Rate on Return
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • $10 minimum withdrawal

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