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Top 5 Online Side Hustles for University Students in Kenya

Top 5 Online Side Hustles for University Students in Kenya

Juggling classes, a mountain of assignments, and exams is hard enough for university students in Kenya. Adding in the pressure to earn extra money can feel impossible.

But what if there was a way to make good side income working just a few flexible hours per week? A way to profit from your skills and passions without taking time away from lectures or study sessions?

In fact, there are countless online side hustles perfect for Kenyan university students looking to pad their pockets and gain valuable skills. Opportunities that allow you to become your own boss and achieve financial freedom.

In this article, we reveal the top 5 online side hustles every university student in Kenya should consider this semester:

1. Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand and lucrative skills in Kenya today. Brands of all sizes need help promoting their businesses online.

As a university student, you can cash in on this demand by offering freelance digital marketing services like:

  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design
  • Email/SMS marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Services can range from one-off gigs to longer-term contracts. Rates typically start at Ksh2,000 per hour up to Ksh100,000 per month for retained services.

This is an amazing way to gain real-world marketing experience while earning a healthy side income. No major upfront investment is required beyond a laptop and internet connection.

Key Tools

  • Canva – Design graphics and social media posts
  • Hootsuite, Buffer – Schedule social posts
  • Mailchimp – Email marketing
  • SEMrush – SEO and keyword research

2. Blog Writer

Do you consider yourself a strong writer? That skill is highly valuable.

Many companies hire freelance blog writers to create content for their websites – articles, product descriptions, guides, and more.

As a student, you can offer your writing services, charging on a per-word or per-post basis. Rates range from Ksh10-Ksh20 per word.

This allows you to leverage your writing abilities for earnings you can fit around your class schedule. No specific degree or prior experience is required.

How to Start

  • Build a portfolio of writing samples
  • Create profiles on freelance sites like Upwork
  • Reach out to companies directly pitching your services

3. Tutor

Got a knack for certain subjects? Offer private tutoring services online to students who need a hand.

With platforms like Skooli, you create a profile outlining the subjects you specialize in, your experience level, and hourly rate.

You then deliver 1-on-1 virtual tutoring over video chat. Subjects like math, sciences, languages, and standardized test prep are in high demand.

Rates for tutors range from Ksh800-Ksh2,000 per hour based on expertise level. And your own academic studies take priority over tutoring availability.

Whether looking to tutor high schoolers or even provide university level peer mentoring, this is a rewarding way to help other students while earning at your own pace.

4. Virtual Assistant

Every business needs administrative help – but hiring full-time assistants is expensive.

As a VA (virtual assistant), you can provide administrative support and basic business tasks for clients on a part-time freelance basis.

Common VA services include:

  • Calendar management
  • Email handling
  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Bookkeeping

No specific degree is required and most skills can be learned online. Kenya-based VAs typically earn Ksh1,000 – Ksh4,000 per hour worked.

Working just 5-10 flexible hours per week, you can bring in a healthy side income while gaining great real-world business experience.

Key VA Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Customer service
  • MS Office/Google Suite
  • Time management

5. Sell Your Course or Ebook

Have deep expertise in a particular subject like programming, design, finance? Consider creating an online course or ebook and selling it for profit.

Platforms like Udemy and Gumroad make it easy to build and market your own course or ebook then earn passive income each time someone purchases it.

For example, an ebook on “Intro to Python for Kenyan University Students” or a course on “Navigating Campus Life at KU”.

Pricing is up to you – courses sell for Ksh1,000 to Ksh5,000+ based on length and value.

This allows you to leverage your specialized knowledge into a digital product you can sell again and again. And build your personal brand in the process.

How to Create Your Course

  • Outline the curriculum
  • Record video lectures
  • Make presentations/worksheets
  • Publish and promote

So which of these online side hustles will you turn to first to start making money from your dorm room this semester?

With a small time investment, you can easily begin building skills, income, and freedom through any of the opportunities outlined above.

No more asking your parents for extra pocket money or taking out expensive loans. Backed with your passion, grit, and these online tools, you can create the student life you truly want.

The time is now – start harnessing the power of the internet and join the next generation of successful digital entrepreneurs in Kenya today.

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