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I Made KSh250,000 Last Month Selling NFT Art – And You Can Too

I Made KSh250,000 Last Month Selling NFT Art – And You Can Too

When I lost my job last year, I was terrified about making ends meet. By chance, I discovered a new crazy-sounding thing called NFTs. Fast-forward one year, and my NFT artwork now earns me over Ksh250,000 every month.

And the craziest part? I had zero artistic experience before this. I was able to teach myself digital art and leverage NFT marketplaces to turn simple images into life-changing passive income.

If I can do it, literally anyone with basic computer skills can. NFTs represent an insane wealth creation opportunity for digital artists today.

Let me walk you through exactly how I went from unemployed to comfortably earning Ksh250k a month selling NFT art in just one year. I’ll detail the exact process so you can replicate it.

From Losing My Job to Discovering NFTs

From Losing My Job to Discovering NFTs

Flashback to one year ago – I had just been laid off from a marketing job I held for 3 years at a tech company in Nairobi.

My savings could cover about 3 months of expenses. I desperately needed to generate income.

One evening while browsing crypto news sites, I came across an article about artists selling something called NFTs and making lakhs of shillings.

These strange sounding things called non-fungible tokens represented digital artworks backed by blockchain technology. Readers could “mint” them into one-of-a-kind assets and sell them for big money.

While the details confused me, seeing headlines about digital art selling for millions grabbed my attention.

Could I somehow leverage this NFT thing to earn income? As an unemployed newbie, I had nothing to lose. Time to find out.

Learning the Basics of Blockchain and NFTs

To understand NFTs first requires grasping what blockchain technology is on a basic level:

  • Blockchain technology enables secure, decentralized digital records on a public ledger.
  • This powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as well as uniquely identified non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Each NFT acts as a proof of ownership for some virtual asset – like a piece of art, music, video, etc.
  • NFT ledgers confirm the uniqueness and transaction records of each token.

I spent over 50 hours learning everything I could about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and these new NFT phenomenon from YouTube tutorials and blogs.

Without basic blockchain comprehension, attempting to profit from NFTs would have been impossibe.

Learning Just Enough Art to Get Started

My next focus was gaining just enough digital art skills and software knowledge to create simple appealing images.

As a total beginner, I found these free tools optimal to start with:

  • Canva – Easy drag-and-drop image creation with bold templates.
  • GIMP – Free Photoshop alternative for more advanced editing.
  • Procreate – iPad illustration and sketching app (minimal costs).
  • DALL-E – AI image generator to quickly brainstorm creative concepts.

I did not aim for artistic perfection.

My goal was creating interesting digital images quickly using tools a total newbie could grasp.

Focusing more on volume over quality is key when starting out. You can refine artistic skills over time.

Identifying Profitable NFT Niches

The most important step was identifying untapped, highly commercializable niches in the NFT art world.

By examining which types of NFTs were selling well, I aimed to fill noticeable gaps.

Some of the most profitable and low competition niches I identified at the time were:

  • Detailed city skylines – Digitally drawn cityscapes were hugely popular but with little supply. My first collection featured exotic international skylines like Singapore and Dubai.
  • AI-generated portraits – Stylized AI portraits were starting to trend. I leveraged DALL-E to quickly create hundreds of unique portraits of men and women over vibrant mosaic patterns.
  • Minimalist animal sketches – Cute and artsy animal head sketches had demand but not oversaturation. I used Procreate to sketch and digitally colorize animal portraits in this style.

I essentially combined my observations of proven concepts with new twists to create commercial viable NFT collections faster.

Creating and Minting On OpenSea

Once I had a collection of around 50 digital images ready in a chosen niche, it was time to actually create the NFTs and get them selling.

The top NFT marketplace for beginners is OpenSea. They make the minting process very straightforward.

The basic steps are:

  1. Open a crypto wallet like MetaMask to hold cryptocurrency to mint NFTs.
  2. Upload your artwork to OpenSea and fill out descriptions.
  3. Mint your NFTs (convert artwork into tokens on blockchain). This costs small minting fees.
  4. List your NFTs for sale on OpenSea and share them.

Within one week of OpenSea listing, my first collection of 100 city skyline NFTs completely sold out for around 0.2 ETH each, giving me over Ksh250,000 in sales!

Seeing actual income instantly validated I was onto something big. Now it was time to scale things up.

Optimizing Future Collections Based on Data

While thrilled with initial success, I knew I needed a more strategic process to build predictably profitable NFT collections over the long-term.

Examining data from my early sales and other top projects revealed key optimizable factors:

  • Art style – Clean 2D drawings and 3D animations convert best. Digitized real photos struggle.
  • Color palettes – Vibrant, contrasting colors attract more buyers than muted tones.
  • Detail – Intricate designs with easter eggs outsell simplistic art.
  • Themes – Certain motifs like space and animals have rabid fanbases when executed well.
  • Rarity – Incorporating rare attributes and traits boosts perceived value.
  • Utility features – NFTs that offer exclusive benefits sell at higher prices.

With these insights, I upgraded my process to intentionally design collections optimized for profitability across these areas.

Grinding Toward Passive Income

Over the next 11 months, I continued releasing several new NFT collections in proven niches each month:

  • Pixel art reflecting popular memes and themes
  • 3D avatars generated with ready-made assets
  • Abstract geometric shapes and patterns
  • Surrealist photography turned into digital art hybrids

With each new drop, I started accumulating an engaged audience excited for my next launch. I priced new collections slightly higher each time as my brand grew.

After hundreds of hours and over 50 NFT collections released, my monthly sales today from past efforts now easily clear over Ksh250,000 passively.

I can focus more time on bigger long-term projects knowing short-term income is covered by my accumulated inventory.

Lessons Learned Turning NFTs Into Passive Income

While exhausting, I’m incredibly thankful for the knowledge I gained during my first year turning digital art into passive NFT income.

Here are the key lessons I learned:

  • Success requires hundreds of hours of effort over many months. Passive income takes time to build.
  • Study data and precedents deeply to identify what converts best in the market.
  • Always improve – use analytics and feedback to refine style, marketing and value propositions.
  • True wealth is created by accumulating inventory over time. NFTs are infinite digital inventory.
  • Passion pays off. Pursuing art I loved made effort feel rewarding despite challenges.
  • With persistence and strategizing, this can work for ANYONE. I had zero art skills initially.

Is It Too Late to Dive In?

While the NFT market remains highly volatile, I still believe tremendous opportunities exist for both part-time and full-time creatives.

However, the easy money phase is likely over. Expect growing competition and for easy profits to shrink.

Yet for those willing to grind it out over months or years with consistent quality and inventiveness, NFTs remain a viable path to turning digital creativity into income.

Combined with the thrill of contributing to a pioneering new industry, I continue to be immensely fulfilled and optimistic about the road ahead.

The time for skeptics is over. For those willing to dedicate themselves entirely to the craft, the door to creative prosperity through NFTs remains wide open.

My story proves that with the right strategy and tireless effort, absolutely anyone can start earning life-changing wealth through digital art – no prior skills required.

The possibilities are truly endless when you commit to putting in the sweat equity.

Stop doubting and start creating something that will change your future forever.

You already have everything you need to start your NFT art business journey today.

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