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8 Simple Profitable Businesses to start in Kenya

8 Simple Profitable Businesses to start in Kenya

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 09:53 am

Are you looking for proven business ideas? Welcome to this blog sorting you with simple profitable business ideas that are prime in Kenya.

Home Decor

In our world today, talents make room for people. Are you talented and creative? Then this is for you. Most people use their talents to start out. They emerge as the top experts in the subject after receiving a minor raise in their professional status. I had a buddy who, though professionally, provided home decorating services; she was a business student. In particular for new clients, she billed for each hour she could spend at their residence. She billed her regular customers cumulatively.

She could eventually charge more since she combined her expertise in interior design with her business acumen. The company is quite flexible, allowing you to set your own working hours as it suits you.

Nairobi was rated as most developed in 2022 despite the economic hit that has been experienced the past few years. Investment of most companies is on real-estate, need for décor services is high.

Business of Selling Snacks

We all are fond of taking some snacks during the day, this creates a viable business opportunity. A person may spend about 100 shillings a day for snacks. Since there are no restrictions on the kind of snacks you can sell, the snacks business is not just viable (considering that everyone needs to eat). If you can prepare it and your clients like it, you can sell it, for example Sweet cakes, boiled eggs and groundnuts.

Cosmetics business

Cosmetics enterprises make for good business ventures to start making money in Kenya. The demand on beauty products is on the rise especially with the advancement and exposure to world trends of beauty products. Social media has come in handy through digital marketing of products. Use of websites to sell and allow customers in ordering of products well suits our generation. The company’s primary product lines include skin and hair care items as well as cosmetics like nail polish. Additionally, you could provide cosmetic treatments like cosmetics or pedicures.

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Laundry Business

Laundry businesses are fantastic ventures in Kenya. Even in slums, they are profitable and available for rent practically everywhere. With the resources you already have, such as a washing machine at home, you can start a laundry business that offers services like dry cleaning or washing garments. Affordable washing machines start at a price of only Ksh. 30,000 which is about $300 inclusive of consumables to kick off the washing business. Campuses provide huge market for this type of business, thus embarking on them will bring maximum profits.

Cake business

Cakes are in great demand these days because they are needed for practically every celebration. Whether it be a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, an office party, a baby shower, or a bridal shower. In the absence of all these events, you could also appeal to lesser portions of people who simply enjoy eating cake.

You’ll need a fantastic site, as low as Ksh.50,000, exceptional baking and marketing skills, and a cake-making business to launch.

Make sure your company has a strong web presence and that you give your customers a great deal.

Garbage Collection

Since the county government’s devolution of rubbish collection, private businesses are now able to provide this service to citizens in estates and towns. You could want to start a business in the waste collecting industry if you were considering doing so.

Additionally, there is good money in it due to less collecting as it is not yet packed. Additionally, with more and more real estate firms seeking to develop properties outside of major cities, the future of waste collection appears promising. There will therefore be more homes for which services can be provided.

You should visit a few houses and decide on a price to collect from them before doing anything else. perhaps Ksh. 150 per month, and then you can begin.

Money mobile transfer(ATM)

Mobile money transfer services like Airtel and Mpesa will continue to exist for a very long time since the practice of mobile money transfer is here to stay. Cooperative, Kwa Jirani, KCB, and Equity agents are also.

Starting a business in mobile money transfers is fairly simple. Simply have money in your account, be in a busy area, and rent a safe store. Mpesa shop is a good place to start, and you can gradually add additional services as well.

The most profitable mobile money company to start is Mpesa, and if you do so, Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile money service provider, will instantly appoint you as an agent.

In addition, this business demands adequate capital, taking a loan to begin can be a devastating experience. However, surplus capital will suit as a guarantee.

Buying and selling used clothing (Mtumba)

Mitumba is a rapidly expanding company that can be launched with little initial expenditure and turns a profit nearly right away. The outfit is available at large markets known as Gikomba in Nairobi. If you want to make a lot of money selling garments, make sure your prices are fair and concentrate on selling to a particular demographic. Transporting and selling to other counties doubles profit margin, thus worthwhile.

Having adequate capital to buy the clothes in terms of Cargo profits more. However, usually one cargo price ranges between 5 to 7 million, this might be expensive to those with low capital and would therefore advice on purchase of bails at a cheaper price.

In conclusion, all these businesses are viable and marketable in-relation to the trends experienced in Kenya. Taking your time to examine your talent and things you find passionate will save you time and aid you in venturing on one that will benefit you more. Profit oriented and self passion are key elements of sustaining a business

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