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How to Market Your Business Online in Kenya: Free Marketing Ideas

How to Market Your Business Online in Kenya: Free Marketing Ideas

Last updated on September 30th, 2022 at 09:48 am

You are reading this post because you want to know how to market your business online in Kenya. There are plenty of ways, but the best way is by providing a free marketing idea that generates leads for your business. 

In this article, we’ll talk about a few different ideas and show you how they work so that you can start generating leads today!

If you’re looking for free marketing ideas to help grow your business in Kenya, then this blog is for you.

We’ll discuss how to get more exposure on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where the most people are these days. 

You’ll learn about different ways that you can use visuals in your digital marketing strategy in Kenya, which will make it easier for people to find your company online. 

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Let us look at some of the best marketing strategies in Kenya;

1).  Offer a free product or service

How to Market Your Business Online in Kenya

The idea is simple enough, you offer your customers something that they want and then ask them to opt-in for more information about what it can do for them, this way you have an email list of people who are interested in the products and services that you provide. 

This strategy works best when combined with social media marketing in Kenya as well because if someone likes your Facebook page or follows your Twitter account they will also see all the wonderful things you’re offering so be sure to post links on these sites too!

Let’s look at one of our websites; 

On their homepage, we have a form where visitors can enter their name and email address to receive a copy of the blog post. 

This means that whenever someone opts in they will receive our latest blog posts straight to their inbox; if you’re not sure how this works, don’t worry because we’ve made a step-by-step guide on how email marketing in Kenya works.

The other great thing about this strategy is that it allows you to build trust with your visitors and potential customers so even if they didn’t want to buy anything right now they’ll remember who you are when something comes up in the future. 

If there’s one thing you take away from this article let it be “offer value before asking for money“. 

As long as what you’re offering provides real benefit then people won’t mind signing up for more information, but just remember the Golden Rule!

2). Create a blog post and ask people to comment.

How to Market Your Business Online in Kenya

Another way to market your business online in Kenya is by creating a website, and then starting to publish articles and asking people to comment.

The idea here is simple, you write a blog post on something related to your business or industry, and then at the end of it you ask for comments from visitors about their thoughts on the subject matter. 

Usually asking questions works best with this strategy because it means that all commenters will have some sort of common ground which makes them more likely to engage in discussion; if someone leaves a comment they’ll be interested enough in what you’ve written that they want other readers’ opinions too!

If we look again at, we can see there’s another form displayed underneath our last blog post where people can sign up to receive future posts email; however, below that there is a question asking “What do you think about the latest blog post?” which encourages visitors to leave their thoughts on what they just read.

This strategy works great because it means that not only are you providing value through your content but also people can converse with others who have similar interests and learn from each other’s experiences! 

If someone has something in common with another commenter then there’s a good chance that they’ll strike up a conversation later down the line so start building those relationships early if possible. 

This way when it comes time for them to buy or become customers you will be at the top of their mind as someone worth doing business with!

3). Create and verify your Google Business Profile

Create and verify your Google Business Profile

In today’s age, Google is a very powerful search engine and also the most widely used one on the internet, making it one of the best ways to market your business online in Kenya. 

So if you want to be visible online it’s best to make sure that your business has its own page via which people can find out more about what you offer as well as contact information for potential customers! 

This way they’ll have everything in one place instead of going from website to website trying to find all the different options available; not only will this save them time but it means that when someone types in “Italian restaurants Nairobi” or something similar then yours will come up so long as you’ve created a profile with your accurate location, opening hours, etc.

This strategy works great because by creating an account now any future changes you make to your business will be automatically updated on Google so that any new visitors can see the most up-to-date details! 

However, you’ll also want to ensure that people who have already been searching for information about your company are finding what they’re looking for by giving as much detail as possible without overwhelming them with too many keywords.

And that is how to market your business online in Kenya using Google My Business.

4). Implement search engine optimization (SEO)

market your business online in Kenya

SEO in Kenya is another way of how to market your business online in Kenya.

This is a huge topic and there’s no way I can cover it all in this article but basically here are some of the most important things to remember:

  • Keep your blog posts as long as possible. The longer they are the more words Google has to index for that group of keywords which means you’ll have a better chance at ranking! However, don’t go crazy because if your content is too lengthy people will likely get bored reading it so tries not to make every paragraph a mini-essay.
  • Take advantage of “related search terms”. By using related phrases throughout your blog post title or even just one time per sentence gives SEO engines something new to look out for when scanning through what you’ve written.
  • Include keywords! But don’t overdo it because remember, you want your content to be accessible by people who are searching for that term or phrase, not just Google’s algorithm trying to figure out how many times it should appear in order for the search result to rank higher than its competitors.
  • Link internally whenever possible. If someone is reading one of your blog posts and there’s another article on your site which could enhance their understanding then link them so they can read up on more information if needed! This means linking internal pages within a website will give SEO engines something new at which to look but also keep readers interested long enough so they’ll check out other articles too!

This online marketing strategy in Kenya works great because this way your site gets indexed as if it were a series of individual posts, not just one long page which means the algorithm will be able to determine what keywords you’ve used and how often so that even though each post is interlinked they’ll still stand on their own two feet.

Remember: take advantage of social media platforms in Kenya! 

There’s no better way than by implementing these free marketing ideas so get started now and let me know in the comments below what has worked best for your business or brand!

5). Use Facebook ads and strategically-targeted landing pages

Use Facebook ads and strategically-targeted landing pages

This is definitely one of the best ways to market your business online in Kenya I can think of because it’s so easy to implement! 

Basically, if you have a Facebook page for your business then create an ad in Kenya that links back to that specific page. 

This way anyone clicking through will be sent straight there instead of being redirected to your homepage; this gives them more personalized information about what they’re buying into and also helps with SEO since Google has something new at which to look (the actual landing pages) as opposed to just your homepage where all the same content would appear again further down in results. 

market your business online in Kenya

However, don’t worry too much about making sure everything on the website is fully optimised because again people are coming here via social media platforms not specifically searching for keywords like you would be doing if you were organic search engine marketing (SEO).

Also, make sure the ads and landing pages in Kenya are constantly changing! 

This means don’t keep posting new products or services; instead, try to come up with different “calls-to-action” which link back to your website. 

For example: perhaps one ad could say “buy this product now for only KES2,000!” while another says something like “see all our newest products”. 

The point is that no matter what type of content you’re advertising on social media platforms in Kenya it should always lead to a relevant page where people can actually buy into whatever they’ve been clicking through to get there.

This online marketing strategy in Kenya works fantastically because once again not only are Facebook users in Kenya being sent to a very specific landing page but it’s also being done through something they’re actually interested in which means the chances of them making a purchase or even just getting more information are pretty high.

Don’t forget: don’t bother with overly general keywords! 

You want your CTR (click-through-rate) and conversion rates to be as high as possible, not for people who might accidentally stumble upon you while scrolling their newsfeed. 

This is why it’s important to get highly targeted ads in Kenya out there because that way no matter how much research someone has already done, if they end up clicking on an ad from your company then odds are good they’ll become a customer too since what brought them here will most likely match what you offer perfectly!

6). Develop a relationship with your customers through email marketing in Kenya

Develop a relationship with your customers through email marketing

Email marketing in Kenya is another one of the best ways to market your business online in Kenya very quickly and easily so there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of it! 

This works great because you’re basically holding your potential customers’ hands through the entire process, making them feel welcome right from the start by offering value-packed information about whatever product or service they’ll eventually end up buying into. 

By doing this people will immediately become more receptive towards your business as opposed to feeling like they’ve been hit over the head with advertisements after scrolling their Facebook newsfeed for only a few minutes.

7). Implement the 80-20 rule to identify and market to high-value clients

market your business online in Kenya

This is one of the best marketing ideas in Kenya which can be used to really amplify your returns! 

Basically, take the time to identify exactly who would benefit most from what you’re selling

Then, target them directly through ads and don’t waste any money trying to market towards anyone else; this way no matter how much or how often you advertise there will always be a guaranteed ROI (return on investment) since all that’s being done is sending people straight into the sales funnel! 

This strategy works well because you are not wasting money advertising in Kenya toward everyone even though there might still be some high-value clients out there in terms of numbers but by only focusing on the ones who are likely to make purchases anyway it makes far more sense financially as opposed to

And there we have it; seven online marketing strategies in Kenya which should help you market your online presence and get more traffic coming through each day! 

If you’d like some further advice feel free to contact us anytime because we love chatting about these things and helping today small businesses in Kenya grow and succeed 😉

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