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7 Job skills in kenya GUARANTEED To Get You hired

7 Job skills in kenya GUARANTEED To Get You hired

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 09:53 am

Are you looking for top notch Job Skills to learn in the next 6 months or less for a fast learner that will transform your life? Learn how to better yourself? You are in the right place. Presenting 7 skills to learn making millionaires in this decade.

1. Copywriting

The practice of writing text for marketing or other types of advertising is known as copywriting. The written material, often known as copy or sales copy, tries to raise brand recognition and ultimately persuade an individual or group to perform a specific action.

Copywriting entails the following steps;

  1. Building an audience: By growing your audience, you establish a personal relationship with your clients, winning their favor and enhancing their opinion of your company. Increasing sales: Naturally, expanding a company’s audience is an essential part of marketing strategies.
  2. Selling a Service: Selling services requires selling yourself, your team’s knowledge, and the value your business adds to the client or customer, whether you’re selling to other businesses or to consumers. Although it’s a challenging proposition, there are ways to make it work. You can use this procedure: Define Your Niche & Target Audience, Create Your Online Store to Sell Services Online, Establishing Your Online Presence, Promote Your Services, Use Platforms to Find Customers, Onboard New Customers, Build Customer Relationships
  3. Turning followers into buyers: Use the appropriate social media channels where your ideal customer is active. Engage your audience frequently by leaving comments on their posts, answering their queries, and reacting to their comments. Offer beneficial solutions to their issues in order to earn your audience’s trust.

There are tonnes of copyrighting courses on Udemy. Copywriting will help with many aspects of growing an online business.

2. Graphic Design

Using computer software or by hand, as a graphic designer you can create visual designs to express ideas that move, educate, and enthrall people. For applications like commercials, brochures, magazines, and reports, they create the overall layout and production design. If you have an artistic eye the this one is for you. For quality work Graphic design is done by software such as InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

YouTube has many tutorials you can watch and learn step by step. It’s interesting how on your journey in learning you can pitch to your friends that you make flyers and earn as you sharpen your skills. By creating eye-catching visuals and graphics people earn up to $10,000s a month.

3. Coding

The method by which we interact with computers is through coding, often known as computer programming. Code instructs a machine on what to do, therefore writing code is similar to writing a set of instructions. You can quickly instruct computers what to do or how to behave by learning to write code.

Basic coding skills can help:

  1. Launch an app
  2. Optimise a website
  3. Optimise a search engine

You can learn coding on the free website CodeAcadamy.

4. Communication

This is what marketers utilize to communicate with target markets through messages and media. Traditional advertising, direct marketing, social marketing, presentations, and sponsorships are a few examples of marketing communications.

In business, good communication will enable you:

  1. Builds more trust
  2. Leads to more sales
  3. Improves productivity
  4. Creates better client results

Read these books to become a master at communication:

  1. Influence
  2. Talk Like Ted
  3. Surrounded By Idiots
  4. How To Talk To Anyone
  5. Never Split The Difference
  6. The Art Of Communication
  7. Unleashing The Power Of Storytelling
  8. How To Win Friends & Influence People

5. Managing emotions

Having better emotional control enables us to make better decisions, big or small. Understanding our emotions enables us to become conscious of triggers, giving us insights on how to react in a positive way.

Practicing the following;

  1. Letting go of fear
  2. Taking nothing personally
  3. Being confident in yourself
  4. Not comparing yourself to others
  5. Being proud of what you’ve achieved

Dealing with your emotions will maximise your potential in life and business.

6. Time management

You squander less time and encounter fewer conflicts and issues when you manage your time well. Making a to-do list, allocating time for each item on your list, and then putting those things on your calendar are all part of effective time management.

Learning to manage your time will allow you to:

  1. Perform better
  2. Less procrastination
  3. Less stress and anxiety
  4. Get more quality work done

Your future is defined by how you use your time today.

7. Sales

Convincing a customer to buy products or services is the process of selling. Typically, the sales process of a company entails salespeople contacting leads who match the target market’s consumer profile. Selling as an art is profitable. The more sales the more pay. You can learn sales skills to better your clients, income, customers and business skills.

By being able to sell to people, you’ll be able to grow your income and create a better life.

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