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21 EASY Ways to Find Fast Cash in Kenya

21 EASY Ways to Find Fast Cash in Kenya

Last updated on September 30th, 2022 at 07:00 pm

Do you need cash and fast? Instead of panicking and anxiety, here are the strategies you can use to find fast cash!

21 Ways to Find Quick Cash

1). Sell spare electronics

Selling your old electronics can be a great way to make some extra cash fast, without having to spend time on them.

When you sell your old electronics, you can make money fast and easily. You can also avoid the hassle of listing your items online and waiting for buyers to contact you.

Here’s how:

a). Understand the Market

The market for second-hand technology is growing rapidly and has a lot of demand. It is important to understand the market in order to make the most out of your electronics sale. If you are selling a laptop or cell phone, it is important to know the price point that people are willing to pay for these items.

b). Find a Buyer

It is important to find a buyer who will be interested in your items. There are many places to find buyers such as online classifieds or community forums. There are also websites that specialize in buying and selling electronic waste, one of these would be E-waste Recycling.

c). Offer Your Items

Once you have found a buyer, it is important to list your items for sale and set a price. It is also important that you offer free shipping in order to make the sale happen.

d). Ship Your Items

Once you have found a buyer, it is important to ship your items and make the payment. You can use online shipping companies such as G4S, Matatus, or other courier company.

2). Sell unused gift cards

If you have unused gift cards, you can sell them and make fast cash

If you have some old gift cards lying around, you might be wondering what to do with them. You could either donate them or sell them for cash. The latter is a more profitable option in most cases because the market for these old gift cards is usually quite saturated and there’s a lot of competition in the market.

There are many different ways to sell your unwanted gift cards online:

  • Sell on Jiji:
  • Trade them in at PigiaMe:
  • Sell on Facebook

3). Pawn something

If you need fast cash, you can pawn something

Pawning is the process of selling an item to a pawnbroker, such as jewelry, electronics, or other personal possessions.

Pawning is a way to get fast cash in exchange for your belongings and it’s easy because there are many pawn shops in your area.

If you need fast cash, you can pawn something. This can be anything from jewelry to electronics to even your car. You will typically get a lower price than if you sold it on the market because the pawnbroker has already taken into account that they are going to resell it.

4). Work today for pay today

If you need quick cash, then you can always take on a job that pays immediately.

You can get paid on a temporary basis, such as in a bar, or an on-call position. You might also be able to pick up shifts at your local fast food restaurant, or even freelance for local businesses such as newspapers.

If you can’t find anything in your area that pays well enough and won’t overtire you by taking too many hours, considers doing something with your talents and skills. Maybe you can help people build things on their properties or even write a blog that gets some attention.

5). Seek community loans and assistance if you need fast cash

If you need fast cash to pay your bills, a loan might be the best option for you. But as with everything in life, there are risks involved with borrowing money from a stranger.

The best way to avoid these risks is by seeking out community loans. These loans come from people who have been in similar situations and have some extra money to spare.

There is no such thing as too much money when it comes to paying your bills, but you should always be careful about how much you borrow and what interest rates are being charged by the lenders.

6). Ask for forbearance on bills

Find out if your creditor will accept delayed payments. If so, you’ll be able to save money on interest or put extra money towards a financial emergency.

If you can’t pay consumer debts such as auto loans or mortgages, make a plan to explore your options with the lender before trying to get a loan that’s more toxic and high-rate.

7). Request a payroll advance

If you need fast cash, consider requesting a payroll advance. Payroll advances are a type of loan that you can take out from your employer to help you through difficult financial situations. 

Ask your employer for a cash advance on your pay, which usually doesn’t cost you any fees and which you repay via payroll deduction. Some companies also offer low-cost loans to workers in crises. 

If you don’t want to borrow money from your employer, consider asking friends and family for a loan. Many people would be happy to help out a friend when they are in need.

8). Take a loan from your retirement account if you need quick cash

If you are in a desperate situation, you may need to take out a loan from your retirement account. This is due to the fact that many people are living longer and are able to retire later in life. However, this can be an expensive option for people who need quick cash.

Taking out a loan from your retirement account can be costly if you do not plan properly. You would have to pay back the loan plus interest on it at some point in the future.

9). Babysit

Babysitting is a job that you can do while you are in school or while you are unemployed. It is a low-paying job, but it can help you make some quick cash if your schedule allows for it.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, consider becoming a babysitter. It’s an easy job and one that does not require any experience or qualifications.

10). Ask for a loan from a family member or friend

If you need quick cash, a loan from a family member or friend can be a quick and easy solution.

However, it is important to note that not all loans are created equal. Some loans will have high-interest rates, some will come with long-term commitments and some won’t allow you to borrow more than what you need. So before taking out any loan from someone, do your research first!

Ask for a loan if you need quick cash and want to borrow less than Ksh 10,000.

If you need more than Ksh 10,000 in the near future and don’t want to commit to a long-term loan agreement, then ask for a business loan instead!

11). Earn money on the side with food delivery services

If you need money on the side, then food delivery services are a great option. There is a lot of demand for delivery services in big cities and it is an easy way to make money on the side.

If you’re looking for a new way to earn some extra cash, you may want to consider getting involved with food delivery services.

There are many companies that provide this service and they are quite popular in big cities such as Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, etc.

These companies have multiple locations that deliver food from restaurants or grocery stores to people’s homes or offices. They also offer meal prepping services where they prepare meals for people who are too busy or don’t have time to cook themselves.

12). Flip items if you need quick cash

Items that were used previously but are in good condition can be resold at a fraction of the price rather than having to pay for the new item. This saves money and is a great option for those who have a surplus of items in their home.


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13). Become a market research participant if you need quick cash

Market research is a process of gathering information on the marketplace and consumer behavior. Market research participants are typically people who are willing to share their opinions about products, services, or brands in order to help companies make better decisions.

If you’re looking for quick cash and want to participate in market research studies, there are a few things you should know before signing up.

  • Market research surveys usually take around 30 minutes to complete, so be sure that you have time in your schedule.
  • Market research studies are usually conducted by phone or online surveys, so it’s important that you have access to a phone and computer with an internet connection.
  • Market research studies are always paid in cash, so there is a guarantee that you will be compensated for your time.
  • Always read the fine print before agreeing to participate in a market research study. If these requirements sound like they’re something that might not work for you, it might be due to the fact that the survey asks questions about topics such as political views, religion, and sexual orientation.

14). Sell old books and games on Jiji/PigiaMe to get fast cash

Selling your old books and games on Amazon can be a good way to make quick cash.

While selling your old books and games online may be a good idea, you should know that it is not without its risks. If you sell them at the wrong price or in the wrong category, you could end up losing money.

15). Answer questions on JustAnswer if you need fast cash

JustAnswer is one of the most popular Q&A websites. It’s a platform where you can ask questions and get answers from experts.

This is one of the most popular websites among job seekers, students, and people who need quick cash.

The site has over 4 million users who browse through the site daily to find answers to their questions.

16). Grab gigs on Fivver to make quick cash

Fiverr is a freelance platform that helps people find work and make money. People can list their skills on the platform to get gigs or find work. The site has a very user-friendly interface, so it’s easy for anyone to create an account and start posting gigs.

This article will give you some tips on how to use Fivver effectively in order to maximize your earnings.


  • Create your own profile – this will help you stand out from other freelancers who are using the same keywords as you are using in their profiles, which will result in more views of your profile and more bids for your profile.
  • Choose keywords that you expect to receive a high volume of clicks on – if you’re looking to make money by completing tasks on Fivver, choose keywords that produce the most clicks like “do my essay for me” or “write my paper” or “make a resume.”

17). Sell your photos

If you want to make some fast cash, you can sell your photos online. This might be the best way to get rid of those old digital photos that have been sitting on your computer for years.

The internet has made it easier than ever to sell your photos online. There are many websites that allow you to upload and sell your photographs. The most popular websites are 500px, Flickr, and Unsplash.

18). Tutor students

Tutoring is another way to make fast cash. It is a great way for students to earn money on the side while they are still in school.

Although tutoring students can be difficult at times and requires a lot of patience and understanding. But it’s also a great way to help students with their academic performance, especially if they are struggling with a certain subject or skill.

Tutoring can be done online or offline, but the best tutors will have experience in teaching the subject themselves. Tutors should also have high-quality communication skills in order to maintain rapport with their students.

As a tutor, you will be able to teach at your own pace, and you’ll also be paid more. If you want your student to make progress quicker, then give them a personalized lesson plan.

19). Advertise for companies with a car wrap

Car wraps are a great way to advertise for companies. They are cheap and easy to install, which makes them a good option for those looking to make some quick money.

While car wraps have been around for many years, they have only recently become popular as an advertising medium. Today, it is possible to buy a wrap that has your company’s logo on it or even one that is custom-made.

Car wraps are not just limited to cars either. They can also be used on vans and trucks as well as motorbikes and bicycles.

20). Take on house cleaning jobs

Housecleaning jobs are a great way to make quick cash. They are a low-skill job that requires little to no experience and can be completed in a short amount of time.

There are many house cleaning jobs available across the country, but it is important to do your research before taking on any type of job.

21). Wash or detail cars

Wash or detail cars to make fast cash

The first step to becoming a car detailer is to get your hands dirty. Get the experience of washing and detailing cars by working for a professional detailer in your area.

You will learn how to use the right tools, materials, and techniques from professionals who will teach you everything you need to know about washing and detailing cars.

Now that you’ve had the experience, you should work as a part-time detailer and learn how to run your own business. This will give you much more experience with the entire process of washing and detailing cars than if you just hopped into it by yourself.

Once you’ve been a detailer for some time and have the experience, you can then reach out to car wash businesses that want to connect with professionals in your area. 

Connecting with them will give you the opportunity to work at their facilities as a certified detailer, putting you in contact with all of the cars they make which will allow you to reach more customers. 


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Final thoughts

If you are looking for fast cash, consider these ideas. 

What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments.

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