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How To Apply For Birth Certificate Online In Kenya

How To Apply For Birth Certificate Online In Kenya

Here’s exactly how to apply for a birth certificate online in Kenya. But before that, there are some things you need to know:

Application for birth Certificates can be done at any Huduma Centre countrywide or Civil Registration Department offices near you.

Requirements for a Birth Certificate include the following;

  • Birth notification
  • ID’s for both parents/Death Certificate if parents are deceased

Persons who qualify for this service include:

  • Parents/ guardians of a newly born baby
  • Rescue centers/ children’s homes taking charge of the child

Cost: Birth certificate with no amendments – Ksh 60

Birth certificate with amendments on the child’s names – Ksh 100

Birth certificate with amendments on the parent’s names – Ksh 100

Birth certificate with amendments on the child’s and parent’s names-Ksh 140

Timelines:   10 days

Now, to start the application process, head over to https://www.ecitizen.go.ke/ecitizen-services.html 

Click on Service and further click on Civil registration services and birth certificate and click on Apply Now.

Enter Your Credential

Enter your I.D number or Email and Password

If you don’t have an account, go ahead and create one.

Making Application

step 3

Click on the make application button

Click on the birth certificate

Applying birth certificate on eCitizen

step 4

Click on the birth certificate

Click on the application for the child current birth certificate

step 5 min

From the three options, click on the option highlighted

Click on apply now

How To Apply for birth certificate on ecitizen

Ensure that the necessary attachments are in PDF

Choose the appropriate choice

birth certificate

Step 1-Choose the details on the drop-down menu as shown above.

Kenya Birth certificate application

Step 2 – Choose county of birth, Enter notification No, attach the pdf format birth notification, child’s name, date of birth, and gender.

Enter parent details

STEP 11 1

Still under step 2-Enter the appropriate detail of the other parent if not a single parent.

Review Your Entry

STEP 12 2

Enter submit after reviewing the details


how to apply for birth certificate

Choose the preferred payment method and proceed to make payment

Preview of the birth certificate application

online birth certificate application

Application preview

Here are some of things you need to know


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