How to Apply for a Passport in Kenya

How to Apply for a Passport in Kenya

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 09:54 am

Any Kenyan citizen who intends to travel outside the country must have a passport. One must fill in the passport application form on

You will also be required to present yourself to the Passport Control Officer at immigration offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, or Kisumu depending on where you are.

Application process

  • Register on
  • Go to, Department of immigration services, and click on the passport application form.
  • Read the instructions carefully then fill out the passport application form.
  • Select a mode of payment and pay for the passport fees.
  • Download and print the passport application form and three application receipts.
  • Submit the application form in person to the Immigration offices.( Nyayo house, Mombasa or Kisumu.)


  • Original & copies of birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card
  • Certificate of naturalization or registration
  • Current clear and un-mounted three passport-size photographs

Your application must be recommended in section ‘7’ by a citizen of Kenya such as a Minister of religion, a Minister or Legal Practitioner, an established Civil Servant or Bank Official personally acquainted with the applicant, but not by immediate relatives. A copy of National ID or Passport of the recommender must be attached.

For an applicant who is below eighteen years, a written consent of the parents or legal guardian’s is required.

For an applicant who is adopted, the original adoption certificate, clearance letter from the children’s department, and or, the Court ruling or award.

Passport fee

 32 pages ordinary A series –  Ksh 4,500

48 pages ordinary B series –  Ksh 6,000

64 pages ordinary C series –  Ksh 7,500

It should take at least 10 working days to get your passport once your form has been physically submitted at the immigration offices.

For more information visit the nearest Huduma Center or call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020


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