How To Advertise On Facebook In Kenya (Step by Step Guide)

How To Advertise On Facebook In Kenya (Step by Step Guide)

I want to show you how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya.

In fact, this is the same process I use all the time to create ads. Now, while creating ads hasn’t changed a lot, there are some new features within the platform you need to be aware of.

One more thing:

Inside, I will be revealing stuff about Facebook advertising no one is talking about. So be sure to check it out.

How To Advertise On Facebook In Kenya

Something to note before we get started. This process works right inside the Facebook page. Alternatively, you can create ads on Ads Manager accessed through

If you are interested in that, here is an article taking you step by step on how to create Facebook ads in Kenya.

Ideally, here is how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya:

First, log in to your Facebook ads account, decide on the campaign goal (Video views, traffic, leads, conversions, app installs). With the objective set, choose who should see your ad (target audience), design the ad creative (ad copy, images), and set the ad budget. Finally, place the order.

Here is a step by step guide.

Step #1. Create a Facebook page.

You need a business page to advertise on Facebook. 

So, go ahead and create a page if you don’t already own one. 

how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya

Make sure the page has your business name, contact details, description. Also include the profile picture and the cover photo.

One more thing:

You can update one post:

posting on a page

And consider inviting friends to like the page. Doing that gives the new page a little personality and social proof.

inviting friends to like facebook page

Once done, move to the next step.

Step #2: Go to Ads Centre and pick an objective

Once on your page, there is a left sidebar with a lot of options. Click on Ad center.

creating facebook ads in Kenya

And then ‘Create Ad’ as shown above.

Here, you will have three options:

  • Automated ads – where you leave everything to Facebook 
  • Choosing a goal – we will use this one
  • Boosting an existing post – here, you are using an existing post to create a Facebook ad in Kenya.
choosing facebook ads goal in Kenya

Pick the second option, Choose a goal. Here, pick a goal depending on what you want to achieve with the ad.

For example:

If you want to drive traffic to your website, pick ‘Get more website visitors.’

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use be promoting your Facebook page. So go ahead and click on Promote your Page.

Step #3: Designing the Ad creative

This is where everything comes together and answers on how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya.

how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya

First, you need to create an ad copy. This is the message you want the target audience to see.

It is tricky though, but you need to keep things simple, clear, and straight to the point.

For example:

Since we are promoting your page, you can write something like, ‘Attention! If you are interested in ladies’ shoes, please like this page. We will be sharing great deals daily.’

how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya

Include a couple of emojis to make the message friendly and to stand out on the newsfeed.

The second thing is changing the image.

Your ad should carry high quality and attractive image of whatever you are promoting.

For example:

I will use an image of shoes.

To upload it, click on the button shown below and select the image from your hard drive.

how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya

Alternatively, you can use a video instead of an image. Just click the video button as shown above. To crop the image, use the cropping tool (see above).

Step #4: Choosing the audience

choosing audience

This is your chance to decide who should see your ad. Make sure you are targeting only those who’d be interested in your services or products.

Luckily, Facebook has made that really simple.

First, pick the age and gender. Ask yourself, what is the age bracket of your perfect customer?

targeting women on facebook

And since we are promoting a page for ladies’ shoes, we picked women.

Next, the location.

Where are they located?

facebook ads in Kenya

If you are selling internationally, leave it as ‘worldwide’, and if you are selling only to local clients, type ‘Kenya.’

You can take this one step further and select specific cities. 

For example:

If I want only those in Nairobi to see my ad, I will search for Nairobi in the box.

facebook ads in Nairobi

And then I can narrow it to only include those who are 10 kilometers away from my shop. To do that, just slide the bar.

facebook ads local

With this, you can do some pretty ninja stuff. 

The next step is detailed targeting.

This is where you specifically tell Facebook who to show your ad to.

For example:

I am promoting the ladies’ shoe page; first, I need ladies to see my ad. They should like shoes, shopping online (for obvious reasons), like certain shoe brands.

facebook ads detailed targeting

With that, you are assured to get targeted people who are interested in what you are selling.

Take note of the potential size.

size of the audience

Once done, click save audience:

save audience

Advanced Facebook targeting strategy in Kenya

Now, there is another way; using the ‘AND ALSO rule. This revolutionizes your ad targeting.

Here is how it works.

Instead of targeting people who exhibit any of the above traits, you can use the ‘AND ALSO’ rule to target those who exhibit all of them. 

When I implement this strategy, Facebook will show my ad to women who like fashion, shoes, and also online shopping.

To access it, you have to use the other tools we mentioned earlier, ads manager. You can access it here or click Ads Manager as shown below.

facebook ads manager in kenya

Once there, you will notice some changes, again, make sure you read this article to be familiar.

You should see something like this:

facebook ads detailed targeting

First, I type the first requirement;

facebook ads detailed targeting

And then click ‘Narrow Audience’. 

You will notice another box coming up and ‘must also match’ text on top of the box.

facebook ads detailed targeting

Type the next requirement. 

facebook ads detailed targeting

Since we had three requirements, I will go ahead and further narrow down by clicking ‘Narrow further.’

So now I have something like this; women who like ladies fashion, and also like shoes, and also like online shopping.

facebook ads detailed targeting

Pay attention to the current size after implementing this strategy.

We now have a potential reach of 85K people!

size of the target market

So what just happened?

Well, we instructed Facebook to show our ads to people who have all of the interests we desire instead of those who have any of the three interests.

Back to how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya.

Step #5: Facebook ads budget in Kenya

It is time to decide how much you are going to spend on Facebook ads in Kenya.

On average, the ads costs 1,000 shillings per day. Luckily, that is not fixed, I mean, I have created ads and spend KES 200 per day. So it up to you to decide how much you want to spend per day (daily budget) or overall (total budget).

Also, you need to decide how long the ad will run. Either continuously until you decide enough is enough:

ads duration

Or set the start and stop date.

For example:

You can decide to run the ad for 7 days.

facebook ads duration

Choose the budget:

ads budget

And remember, the more you pay, the more people you will reach, that is how much Facebook loves money?.

Lastly, the payment method is shown here:

payment method

If you haven’t added one yet, here is an article on how to pay for Facebook ads in Kenya.

Up to this point, you are all set. Before you conclude everything, see the ad preview on the right sidebar.

Wrapping up advertising on Facebook in Kenya

I just showed you how to advertise on Facebook in Kenya. Again, there is another more complex way. Read about it here.

facebook ads preview in kenya

If you like what you see, go ahead and click Promote Now.

facebook promote now button

After that, your ad will be active in under 15 minutes. However, there are some instances where the ad is rejected by Facebook, especially if it violates terms and policies.

Good thing they always mention the reason for rejection.

If you find yourself in such a situation, correct the issue and try again.

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