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7 Rules for Successful Facebook Marketing in Kenya

7 Rules for Successful Facebook Marketing in Kenya

Last updated on September 30th, 2022 at 01:02 pm

In this blog post, you will learn more about Facebook marketing in Kenya.

See, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and for good reason. It has over 2 billion users! 

With that many people on Facebook, your business can’t afford to ignore it. 

In this blog post, we will give you 7 rules for successful Facebook marketing.

These are some tried-and-true strategies that have helped our clients increase their sales using Facebook ads in Kenya. 

1).  Create a Facebook page

In order to use Facebook ads, you must have a business page. You can create one for free here: 

If you already have an existing website, it should be fairly easy to add your FB Page link onto there so all of your social media platforms are connected together. 

If not, creating a new site just for your FB Page is the best option.

If you want to make sure your page looks professional, check out our guide on how to create a Facebook business page! 

Now that you have created your Facebook Business Page in Kenya, it’s time for step two…

Facebook Ads are an effective way of getting in front of more people who may want what your business has to offer. There are some important things to know before jumping into this new world though:

  • If someone clicks on one of your ads and then leaves facebook without buying anything or making any other kind of “conversion”, you will get charged just as if they had purchased something from your eCommerce store in Kenya! That means there can be huge costs involved with paid advertising so do not just jump in without knowing the rules. 
  • The more likes, comments and shares your Facebook page has, the lower your CPC (cost per click) will be on Facebook ads in Kenya! If you have a large audience already but just don’t know how to get them onto your FB Page so they can interact with it… this post is for you: How To Get More Likes & Comments On Your Facebook Business Page. 

If all of that sounds interesting to you check out our guide on how to set up effective Facebook ads! 

2).  Use a Facebook pixel

This is a code you install on your website to track the actions of people going through your sales funnel. 

If someone went from viewing an article about your product, for example, and then bought something later down the line… it’s possible that Facebook Ads were responsible for making the purchase! 

The more actionable data you have coming into FB (and out of FB), such as “Who” clicked on what ad and visited which page within my site; will help make future ads much more targeted and successful! 

This tracking can also be done with Google Analytics if you already use any type of marketing automation software like HubSpot or Marketo. 

3). Use a Facebook Ad Manager

If you use any sort of marketing automation software, it’s important to connect your FB Ads account with the same company. 

This will save so much time and energy when running multiple ads across different platforms! 

It can be quite a tedious clicking back and forth between browser tabs trying to keep up… we know from experience. We recommend HubSpot or Marketo for this step

4). Create a high converting Facebook ad

Perhaps the best Facebook Marketing in Kenya hack for you today!

The more targeted your ads are, the higher chance that someone will click on it! 

We have created some benchmark standards below based on our experience with successful Facebook marketing in Kenya so you can check how well your current site is doing. 

If any score seems low to you or if there are obvious changes you can make… do them now so you start getting better results from FB Ads in Kenya in less time! 

Note: The images for this post don’t show up here but all of these points link to image examples throughout this article 🙂

  • Headline/Image Ratio – Try testing different headlines and images until one gets at least 100 likes & shares within 24 hours. Once that number has been reached then everything else should be working well so stay there!
  • Quality of Headline – If your headline is not attracting users, you can always boost the Post itself to see if that gets a better response. Be sure to follow FB’s ad guidelines as much as possible though or else it won’t show up in their newsfeeds. 
  • Call To Action Button/Link Color – Try using different colors for each post and test which one has more clicks within 24 hours. The color with the most clicks should be used going forward because people will respond best to what works best for them. 
  • Landing Page Images & Videos – These are important elements when trying to increase conversion rates from Facebook ads… try testing out new ones every now and then until something seems to work well.
  • Quality of Landing Page Content – The easier it is for your customer to understand what you are offering, the more likely they will do so! Tell them exactly why they should click on that ad and then have a clear path laid out in front of them once they arrive at your website. 
  • Product/Service Offered – Make sure whatever you’re advertising matches up with what FB users expect when clicking on an ad about said product or service… otherwise there’s no point spending money trying to make sales since people won’t buy if not interested enough in the first place! Make sure you pay attention to this rule when doing Facebook marketing in Kenya.

5). Create a Custom Audience of Those Who Have Purchased From You

When it comes to Facebook marketing in Kenya, while Facebook Ads in Kenya do allow you to advertise to people (who are not your current customers) who have visited their website, it’s much more beneficial for businesses to make custom audiences of those who have already purchased from them. 

If they came back and bought again then chances are these users will be interested in what else is offered! 

That way you’ll only spend money on ads that convert into sales because the traffic coming through was initially targeted. 

  1. Go To Your Ad Manager – Click on “Audiences” at the top left corner within FB Ads Manager. – Create New Audience – Name it something like “Customers Who Have Bought From Us Before” (or similar) and click on the +Create Audience button in the top right corner of that page. 
  2. Custom Audiences Settings & Targeting – You can choose to target people who have placed orders or viewed certain pages/products within your website… just make sure you are only targeting those with at least one order! If someone has not made a purchase yet, they probably will not be interested in what is being advertised so this section should always remain blank. Note: This audience does NOT show up when creating new Facebook ads via Ad Manager but instead shows up under Ads Manager > Tools > Audiences where we can edit its settings.
  3. Ad Manager – Once you’ve created your audience, everything should be working well so stay here! If not then double-check the steps above to make sure nothing was missed… if it still isn’t working right for some reason or another then feel free to reach out for help in our Facebook group. 

You can also try testing different images and headlines until one gets at least 100 likes & shares within 24 hours since that’s when these audiences will start showing up in all Campaigns (when creating ads).

6). Include an image with every post so you stand out in News Feeds 

When it comes to Facebook marketing in Kenya, an image should be included with every single post you make on Facebook… it is how people are able to tell what the post is about! 

You will greatly increase your odds of someone actually clicking on a link within this one simple step because images catch attention much more than text alone.

Add Images Automatically 

If using WordPress in Kenya then install an auto plugin like WordTwit which can pull in any image used for all blog posts that have been added into the media library. 

That way even if no image was attached, something could still be pulled from Google Image Search where there’s also a chance at having other users re-purpose these same photos so they work well too! 

Add Images Manually 

If not using WordPress then at least add in an image with every post manually. 

Facebook in Kenya will automatically resize any standard size images for you but it does take a bit longer and larger high-quality photos may not always work well when resizing them.

So we recommend creating your own custom-sized ads within Photoshop or Illustrator (or whatever photo editing software you’re most comfortable with) where they can also be saved as JPGs if shared on other websites too! 

You’ll want these dimensions: 470 x 250 pixels, 300 x 168 pixels & 120 x 600 pixels since those are the only sizes allowed 

7). Share engaging content

This is important when doing Facebook marketing in Kenya: Post engaging content that people will share to get your message in front of a wider audience.

The more people who see your content, the more people you’ll be able to engage with so this is why sharing posts that others will want to share can help spread your message even further!

Share Other People’s Content 

Make sure all of your Facebook posts are something worth reading and not just self-promoting. 

Sharing other peoples’ work (or things you find interesting) allows for a strong chance at getting some extra engagement or maybe even backlinks which would also increase its ranking power among search engines… these are both very good things! 

Use Quotes Within Your Text Posts 

If writing on Facebook yourself then adding a quote within the post will help increase your chance of being shared even further since quotes are something people love to share on Facebook. 

You can also search for popular quotes online and add these in instead if you’d like but make sure they’re public domain or licensed properly for this!

Ask Questions When Posting 

If writing all your own posts then asking questions is one great way to get others involved with sharing it too (or answering). 

There’s no such thing as a stupid question when using Facebook, so ask away! 

Use Images That Go With Your Text Posts 

Not every single text post has to be accompanied by an image but it can help increase your engagement rates quite a bit for those that are. 

The more interesting the photo, the better chance of someone clicking on it so try finding some unique ones if possible!

Use Facebook Ads 

This one is still important even though we’ve already covered another guide about how to do just that here!

You should definitely consider using ads because they’re very cheap and only take seconds to set up which means you have nothing to lose. 

They also don’t require any work after being published other than monitoring results which makes them ideal for busy people or businesses wanting fast results!

Wrapping up Facebook marketing in Kenya

Make sure all of your Facebook posts are something worth reading and not just self-promoting. 

Sharing other peoples’ work (or things you find interesting) allows for a strong chance at getting some extra engagement or maybe even backlinks which would also increase its ranking power among search engines… these are both very good things! 

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