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How to Use Facebook Insights Tool

How to Use Facebook Insights Tool

Last updated on September 30th, 2022 at 07:55 pm

Quick question:

How much do you know about your audience?

This is the question I always ask my Facebook ads, clients before we begin anything, ‘do you know who your target customer is?’

Because, if you take a minute and think, knowing who your target customer is, it enables you to craft a message that will grab their attention, listen to you, and do whatever you want them to do.

Who doesn’t want to have such an impact?

When it comes to Facebook ads targeting,

You have 2 choices to grow your business

And they are

  1. Try a ton of different things and hopefully grasp what they want and like or
  2. Dig deeper into what they (target audience) have already given up about what they love.

For me, I will always go for the second option.


I want to spend less time and money to make money. That’s right. So I don’t see sense in wasting time going out of my way to look for information that someone already has.

And to make it sweeter, they are offering it for free which means I can access it when I want wherever I am.

I mean like seriously, are you nuts to use your own money to get what’s already available for free?

What you must know to make more sales on Facebook in Kenya

Don’t get me wrong here. As much as you can get this information without much hustle, it doesn’t guarantee results ASAP.

What you get from using this tool is not perfect.

You will have to see what works best. Meaning it only gives you a part of the equation and what to look for.

The other part is filled with testing.

It is your work therefore to test it and see what works. That is what makes the best marketer: testing.

You see, I actually do not know which one of my Facebook ads in Kenya will work. No one does.

The only way to be on the safe side and not put all eggs in a single basket (yet), is to have at least two ads running. More of that later.

Another thing is that there are tools out there that are free (others cheap) that you can leverage to understand who your customer is as a person.

One such tool is the Facebook Audience Insights tool. Here, I want to show you how I do my customer research using this tool.

How I do customer research for my clients in Kenya

My goal is to make my Facebook ads client’s money.

I want to make money as well.

If I don’t make them money, I don’t make money. That’s my policy.

In order to make them money, I make sure that the Facebook campaigns I set up actually attract the right people who will buy their products.

How do I do that?

I make sure that

  • I target the right people.
  • I craft compelling messages that capture their attention and inspires them to take action
  • Because my strategies are so powerful and make people take action, I make sure that I only take clients that are selling products or services that actually help the customer solve whatever pain they have. I don’t sell just to make money. I first solve the problem and then make money afterward.

Here’s how I do it

First, to access the Facebook insights tool, you must be

  • Logged in to your Facebook account.
  • and using a computer

Once inside Facebook, look for creating ads or just use this link www.facebook.com/ads/audience_insights, it will take you directly to the tool.

Now, the first thing is to select the audience. And there are 2 types of audiences;

  • everyone on Facebook – here you will be analyzing all Facebook users globally
  • people connected to your page – if you choose this, you will be analyzing your page fans

So, choose everyone on Facebook. You want to know about everyone who has shown interest in your product or service.

Then the next step is to narrow down who you want exactly (on the sidebar to your left). 

So choose Kenya as the location.

I assume your business is local, you sell only to Kenyans.

But if you have customers all over the world, then choose worldwide as the location.

In the next fields. i.e age and gender, leave them blank.


That information is what we are here to find out. To do that, on the INTERESTS box, use at least one interest related to what you are selling.

For example:

If I’m selling blenders; I will use that as the initial interest. 

For watches, either uses analog watches or digital watches. In the case of baby products, you want to specify what kind of products?

  • Diapers?
  • Baby bags?
  • And so forth

My advice is, avoid generic terms like cooking, shoes, sports, baby products, or traveling.


These terms are too broad and it won’t result in any insightful data.

How to choose the best interest to start with

  • pick something related to your product or service
  • should not be too broad or too specific
  • should describe what you are selling

Once I plug in blenders as the interest, here is what I found. Over 400k Kenyans

  • Both men and women
  • Aged 18-24, 25-34, 35-44 and 65+

Look at the number of monthly active users who like blenders.

And the other demographics tell us more about Kenyans who like blenders. Such as:

  1. frequency activity
  2. page likes
  3. location
  4. job titles
  5. relationship status
  6. devices they use
  7. top page categories

Now, depending on what you are selling, you now have enough data to enable you narrow even deeply down to that customer you want using layers of options available: connection to your pages, behaviors, language, relationship status, education, work, home, financial market segment, parents, life events and more.

To illustrate this using our blender’s example, I can choose to target only

  • women
  • aged between 25-44
  • who have upcoming birthdays

And from the insights tool, I can see that there are between 150K-200K monthly active users who match my target audience.

Here is where the goldmine lies when targeting the above segment of the audience

Analyzing top categories as well as page likes

Here, you get to see top categories that your target audience is interested in. also; you get the most popular pages in each category.

To make it even sweeter, if you scroll down, you will see a list of pages that are ranked by relevance and affinity:

Now, what’s relevance?

These are pages that are most likely to be relevant to your audience based on affinity, page size and the number of people in your audience who already like that page.

How about affinity?

This is how likely your audience is to like a given page compared to everyone on facebook in Kenya

What this means is that a high affinity score, there is high chance that your chosen audience has liked that page.

But don’t freak out when you do not see any information on this section because it means that the audience you selected is smaller than 1000 people.

If that happens to you, go back to interests and remove some of unnecessary layers of targeting options.

Also, the opposite can happen. You get suggestions that are not relevant at all.


It happens when your audience is too broad.

To solve that, go back and use more specific interests you found on the suggested pages. This gives you better insights.

Here’s what I normally do with the insights I get from the Facebook audience insights tool

I normally play around with interests on the Facebook insights tool until I get more relevant results in top categories and page likes section.

I then scroll down to page bottom and rank pages by relevance or affinity. Then take note of specific

  • interests
  • brands
  • websites
  • celebrities
  • community pages
  • magazines
  • organizations

And any other data that can help me define more precisely the audience I want to target.

I then make a spreadsheet where I save all these information under this categories page name, page URL, and the number of fans.

Then once my campaigns are over, i come back to this spreadsheet and add comments on which of these interests worked.

Bonus: test your new audiences

P.S. I found out that, not all of the pages you find here will work as interests while setting up your ads. Also, the size of the page doesn’t matter.  There are some occasions that I used pages with few fans and on other occasions, those with a ton of fans.

But what’s important is to remember what I told you earlier, testing. You do not know what will work and will not.

There is no doubt, what I just showed you will enable you to reach the right people. But if you really want to make a fortune, you need to test and see which of the interests is working best for what you are offering.

Final thoughts

When you reach the right people, they engage with your ad and this reduces the cost of the ads.

As always, if you have any questions concerning Facebook audience insights tools and how to do customer research in Kenya, drop your questions in the comments section below.

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