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How To Check CRB Status On Phone In Kenya (Free in 2022)

How To Check CRB Status On Phone In Kenya (Free in 2022)

There are three sure ways to check CRB status on a phone in Kenya;

a). To check your CRB status on TransUnion:

  • First register by sending your full names to 21272. The SMS charge is Ksh 19. You can also use their app to save cash. TransUnion Nipashe app.
  • Enter your ID number
  • Choose Credit Status

You will receive your CRB status. If you receive good, it means you are not blacklisted while default means blacklisted.

b). To check your status on Metropol Corporation:

  • First, pay a registration fee of Ksh 50 through the paybill number 220388 then enter your ID number as the account number.
  • You will get an SMS with a unique pin, a reference number, and a special link
  • Dial *433# and put your PIN and you will receive your CRB status. 

You can also visit the metropol website, where you can log in and view your status.

c). And the third way is using CreditInfo to check your CRB status. To do that, go to https://ke.creditinfo.com/ and fill out their request form online.

How to check CRB status for free in Kenya

Transunion allows you to check your CRB report for free once a year. If you want more than one report, you will be required to pay Ksh 650 to PayBill 212121 and use your phone ID number as the account number.


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