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13 Lucrative Business To Start With 100K In Kenya

13 Lucrative Business To Start With 100K In Kenya

Last updated on February 26th, 2023 at 02:28 pm

Looking for business to start with 100K in Kenya?

Do you want to start a business, but don’t have the funds? This blog post is for you. 

I am going to go over 8 ideas for businesses that can be started with 100K or less. 

All of these are simple enough to make it on your own without needing an investor!

If any of these sounds like something you would enjoy doing, keep reading and I will give more details about each idea. 

These are all passive income streams which means they don’t require much work after they get off the ground! 

The only thing required is your time. Please share this article if there’s anything in here that interests you! Thank You! 

Boda boda Business

A recent study conducted by Car & General (C&G) uncovered that the boda boda sector offers over one million direct jobs to Kenyans around the nation.

It also revealed that each boda boda operator earns an estimated KSh 1 billion daily, with an average take-home of KSh 1,000 per day.

The cost of a new motorbike may range from KSh 80,000 to KSh 150,000, while a used one can be more affordable.

Phone repair shop

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya quarter one 2022-2023 sector statistics report, Kenya has a total of 65.4 million SIM subscriptions.

This rise in mobile phone usage provides a great opportunity for a profitable business; setting up a phone repair shop.

One can either learn the repair skills or hire an experienced technician. To ensure success, the shop should be strategically placed in an area with maximum customer visibility.

1) Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

This business idea is perfect for the person who likes to shop on Amazon and has free time. 

One way this can be done is by selling items that are too expensive or obscure, but still, have good reviews. 

If you find something like this and purchase it at a high enough price point (say $150), you could make over $75 in profit after shipping costs! 

This does require some work though as you will need to ship your order out once someone purchases it from your online store. 

If you don’t want to deal with any of the logistics sides of things, there’s also an option where people send their inventory into Amazon FBA themselves then set up what share they get when products sell via each individual product listing.

2) Website Design

This is a great business idea for people who are skilled with computers and have the money to invest in starting their own website design company.

If you’re not sure how much it will cost, let’s break down what’s involved: 

  • Investment of 100K into your startup (Domain name registration, web hosting) 
  • Business cards/Website – $100-$200 
  • Marketing material like flyers or fliers – ~$0 if printed at home on printer paper or about $20 if professionally printed from an office supply store.   

Note: You must also make these materials yourself which can be time-consuming depending on the size of the business! 

As far as labor costs go, this one is really up to you. You could take on clients yourself, or delegate the work out to freelancers!

It’s important to know that this is a business idea with a high amount of competition and not many new markets available for people just starting their careers! 

This doesn’t mean it won’t be profitable though as there will always be those who want something done quickly and cheaply. 

3) Personal Shopper

If you like shopping and have a lot of time (or just want to make some extra cash), this business idea is perfect for you. 

It’s also a simple way to start your own online store without needing many skills! 

You can be the personal shopper people hire when they need help with picking out clothes, selecting gifts, or anything else in that category! 

All you would need is their email address so it won’t cost any money upfront. 

The only real downside on this one is if someone orders an item from your website, but doesn’t buy it after checking out – then there are no fees collected by the site. 

This means all profits come directly from sales which can leave you feeling vulnerable as far as how much you’re making.

A few ideas for a personal shopper business are: 

  • Setting up your blog to do reviews on products and then linking them in the post (Make sure they don’t have affiliate links though – that’s against Amazon’s terms of service
  • Having an Instagram account where people can message you their needs or tag items that need reviewing 
  • Posting on Facebook pages related to what type of shopping you’ll be doing, like “Dresses” if it is clothes. This will help increase your reach! 

This one would not take much time at all as long as there is new content coming out every week/month. 

Just make posts from your phone when waiting around in line or at the grocery store and you’ll be all set!

4) Niche Virtual Assistant (VA) Business

This is another unique business to start with 100K in Kenya.

All you have to do is find a niche that you can’t seem to find an expert for, but have a lot of experience in yourself! 

If you’re organized enough, this business idea may be worth looking into as it requires little upfront costs and would allow you to work from anywhere at any time since all the clients are virtual. 

You’ll need some basic web design skills (HTML) so it might not be a good fit if you don’t like computers or take things too seriously sometimes.

If you want more freedom though – this could be perfect! 

There’s no limit to how many hours someone will pay for when it comes to VA work. 

It’s up to you how much you want to charge and the time it will take for each client, as well as what type of skills you have!

Startup costs

  • Website = KES 5000 if you created one by yourself. All’s you would need to buy is the hosting service and a domain name. Up to 50K if you got someone else to custom design it.
  • Online Ads = KES 25K
  • Business Licenses = 15K (depends on where you live but this will usually cover it)

Total = 46K to 100K.

5) Drone Aerial Video/ Photography business

Another business to start with 100K in Kenya.

You might be surprised at how much this business idea can bring in. 

A lot of people are looking for aerial footage and photographs as part of their marketing campaign! 

It’s a good thing with the rise of drones that anyone can do this now without needing to spend thousands on planes or helicopters – all you will need is a quality drone (50K+) 

Some other expenses include insurance, licensing, and KAA registration, which costs about 30K per year. 

You would also want to have your own website so there may be some upfront costs depending on what type it is (WordPress? Squarespace?). 

This only requires one person though if they’re willing to handle both photography/videography while flying the drone themselves.

If not, there are also companies that will come to you and film the video for a cost. 

This business would require a little more time upfront, but this is something that can grow into much bigger things than just photos or videos of real estate, weddings, etc.

6). Home cleaning business

This is a great business idea in Kenya for people with empty days on their hands!

If you have any free time or if you want to make some extra money, this can be done very quickly and efficiently. 

You would need: 

  • vacuum cleaner
  • broom/ dustpan
  • mop bucket & cleaning cloths. 

You could also get more specialized equipment like an upholstery shampooer (20K) or a wet carpet extractor (50K). 

And the best part about it? 

You don’t even need your own car – most companies will send someone out to clean your house so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about when they show up at your door! 

The costs are usually charged by the hour (starting from as low as 3K) and the average house will take anywhere from one to two hours.

7). Web hosting company

This is another business to start with 100K in Kenya and potentially bringing in millions of shillings per year.

There are a ton of websites created every day online in Kenya. And as businesses strive to go online, there will always be demand for hosting services.

Startup costs

  • Servers = 50K
  • Website = 15K
  • Business Licenses = 15K
  • Business Cards = 20K

Total = 80K

8). Mobile car repair service

Mobile car repair service is another business to start with 100K in Kenya.

You can start a mobile car repair service out of your garage or office.

You will need to be certified and have the equipment for this, but it is very possible with only 100K in Kenya

You will need: 

  • A vehicle (used if you don’t want to buy new) 
  • A tow truck 
  • Jack stands 
  • Tire gauge set 
  • Air compressor and hose 
  • Pump kit with adapters & couplers and tire levers, etc. 

Sometimes these things come in kits that are inexpensive on Amazon If you plan on doing more than just fixing flats.

Consider getting an expensive hydraulic jack instead of one from Harbor Freight because they’re usually lighter weight and easier to use. 

They also cost about 50K

You will also need: 

  • A basic tool kit that includes screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers 
  • Grease gun with a selection of grease fittings (if you plan to work on the engine) 
  • Various sizes of ratchets and sockets 

These are usually included in multi-piece sets or can be purchased individually from places like Harbor Freight.

Also, you’ll have to get certified by your county for licensing requirements if you want it to be legal. 

The process is time-consuming but there’s good information online about what kind of car certifications each county requires. 

Or just open up an LLC instead which won’t require certification but might not offer as many protections down the road.

9). Dropshipping

You can start a dropshipping business in Kenya with 100K.

You can set up a site that sells other people’s products. You don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping costs because the supplier handles all of this for you.

You will need:

  • A domain name and hosting, shopping cart software like Shopify 
  • Product images – Stock photos are available if you want something free 
  • The ability to create compelling content (write catchy product descriptions) 

If your drop shipped items aren’t selling well on Amazon then it might be time to stop wasting money with them. Instead, try making your own products so that every purchase is profitable.

10). Airbnb management business

Airbnb is another business to start with 100K in Kenya

What are the steps and advantages of starting an Airbnb management business?

It is possible to start a successful company with just $1000, but it does require some work. 

The first step for any aspiring entrepreneur would be to have a clear goal in mind as well as an understanding of what their desired outcome will look like. 

For example, if you want your new enterprise to make more than 5M per year then you need to set it up in such a way that it can generate those kinds of incomes and profits. 

There are many ways one might go about this:

  • By establishing partnerships or joining forces with other entrepreneurs
  • Reaching out to investors so they can share risk on investment capital (and thus provide funding), etcetera.

If you have an interest in property management but want to explore a new growing area, this would be it. 

The Airbnb management business would manage other people’s Airbnb’s, giving you a chance to explore this new and exciting area.

Startup costs;

  • Cleaning supplies = 25K
  • Business cards = 50K
  • Business license = 15K

11). Furniture resell company

A furniture resell business can be started with just 100K in Kenya. 

To get started, you will need to find second-hand items that have good market value so they don’t go to waste or end up in landfill sites. 

This might include old metal chairs from an office space, coffee tables from somebody’s living room, et cetera. 

You should keep your eyes open for these kinds of things if you want this enterprise to succeed as quickly as possible!

How much money can I make from a furniture resell company?

You don’t need to have high hopes of making 5M or more out of this business in order for it to be worthwhile. 

It is possible to start with just 100K in Kenya and still turn over around 20% profit margin on your investment capital per year if you’re careful about selecting the right items that will sell well on sites like and Pigiame. 

This means at least 20K per month (or 240K per year) which isn’t too bad considering you invested so little upfront!

It is also worth noting that there are other ways one could go about this kind of enterprise: by focusing less on secondhand goods and instead of buying wholesale items in bulk from places like IKEA or Target, reselling those at a higher price point.

This might be less profitable but it is also much easier and will require far less initial investment capital to get started with!

12). Photography studio

A photography studio is another business to start with 100K in Kenya.

To get started, you will need to invest in equipment like;

  • A camera (and lights for taking photos indoors)
  • Space to do your work such as an office or spare room at home, and
  • The software necessary for processing images so they are of high quality before being uploaded online. 

It might also make sense to purchase some props if you want clients to have more choices when looking through your portfolio!

What kinds of money can I make from this business in Kenya? 

This enterprise is one that may not grow quite as fast because it takes time and resources upfront without any clear idea how much profit per year will come out of it – but once again there are many ways in which one might go about this business. 

One could focus on taking photos of people, for example: either photographing them in the studio or at various events and weddings; then selling those images to clients online as prints, on canvas…you get the idea!

Another way to do this would be by focusing more on digital photography rather than film – which is what most photographers did back when cameras were first invented. 

This means using a DSLR camera with a high megapixel output that can digitally process RAW files (or you could consider investing in one of the latest mirrorless models). 

Then getting these images printed out through services like Snapfish so they’ll have life-sized quality while being cost-effective enough to ship worldwide!

13). Events planning business

This is another business to start with 100K in Kenya.

To get started, you will need to find a space where the event will take place in order for it to happen – either an outdoor location or indoors in somebody’s house; then purchase any equipment necessary like chairs and tables (and food!). 

You might also want to invest some of this money into marketing so that people know about your services!

What kinds of money can I make from this enterprise? 

If you’re successful at getting clients interested in what you have to offer, then there are many ways one could go about making more out of this type of business: by renting out spaces on a regular basis rather than once per year, focusing more on weddings as opposed to corporate events, starting an event planning business as a side hustle to your main job.

14). Trade on Olymp Trade

Do you enjoy trading but want to try something new?

If so, then why not consider using an online broker like Olymp Trade! This is a great option for beginners because there are no commissions or fees which means that it’s easy to keep your costs low. However, with the right approach and plenty of patience, you can still make a healthy profit.

There are several different types of trades that you can use on Olymp Trade, including:

  • High/Low: This is the most basic type of trade and simply involves predicting whether the price of an asset will be higher or lower than its current level at the time of expiration.
  • Fixed Time Trades: This type of trade is a little more complicated but can be very profitable if you guess correctly! With this option, you are predicting whether the price of an asset will reach a specific target before the time of expiration.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try one of these trades? You may be surprised at just how profitable they can be!

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