Business Plans

They contain:

  • Market research
  • Step-by-step guides to establishing a business in Kenya
  • Licensing
  • Equipment costs and suppliers
  • raw materials
  • production costs
  • operational costs
  • day-to-day operations
  • Revenue and margins,
  • wholesale and retail prices.
  • Case studies and manpower requirements
  • Capital cost breakdowns
  • Opportunities
  • Competition
  • surviving and thriving.
  • And many more tips and tricks for starting and running a business in Kenya.

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Kenyan Business Plans & Guides (+Pdf)

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  • Bank Agency Business Guide
  • Real Estate Business Guide
  • Bakery Business Guide
  • Road Rescue Business Guide
  • Pleasure Business Guide
  • Medical Imaging Business Guide
  • Auto Garage Business Guide
  • Dry Cleaning Business Guide
  • Animal feeds Business Guide
  • Cleaning Services Business Guide
  • Car Tracking Business Guide
  • Digital Taxi Business Guide
  • E-commerce Website Business
  • Concrete Mixer Business Guide
  • Concrete Blocks Business Guide
  • Private Primary School Business
  • Juice processing and packaging
  • Stationery Importation Business Guide
  • Vehicle Importation Business Guide
  • Mobile Phone Selling Business Guide
  • Refurbished computers Business Guide
  • Perfume reselling Business Guide
  • Matatu Business Guide
  • Boutique Business Guide
  • Security Company Business Guide
  • Oil Transportation Business Guide
  • Cereals Business Guide
  • Milk processing and packaging
  • Biscuit bakery Business Guide
  • Sweets manufacturing Business
  • Baby diapers importation Business
  • Baby diaper contract manufacturing
  • Hotel Business Guide
  • Travel Agency Business Guide
  • Garbage Collection Business
  • Lab equipment selling Business
  • Peanut butter packaging Business
  • Cooking Oil Processing Business
  • Land brokerage Business Guide
  • Youghurt Production Business
  • Tissue paper packaging Business
  • Clearing and Logistics Business
  • Construction company Business

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