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Quit My Finance Job in Kenya to Become a Full-Time Crypto Trader – Best Decision I Ever Made

Quit My Finance Job in Kenya to Become a Full-Time Crypto Trader – Best Decision I Ever Made

Like many driven professionals, I spent years climbing the corporate ladder in pursuit of higher pay and status. By age 29, I held a prestigious financial analyst job at a multinational bank in Nairobi earning a six-figure salary.

But amidst all the promotions, one feeling loomed over me – emptiness. I had everything supposed to make a young careerist happy. Yet it meant nothing without purpose and freedom.

So I took a drastic turn, quitting the corporate grind to pursue full-time trading of cryptocurrencies.

Now, 2 years into my crypto trading journey, I’ve never felt more fulfilled. Here’s my story of breaking free of the rat race to find prosperity and meaning through pursuing my passion.

Rising the Ranks but Still Feeling Trapped

After graduating university with an accounting degree, I was laser-focused on getting ahead in the corporate finance world.

I pictured the pinnacle being a cushy executive posting at a multinational company.

Sure enough, through 80 hour work weeks and constantly going above and beyond, I landed a senior analytics role at age 29 managing a team at one of Kenya’s top banks.

But soon the glittering promotions rang hollow. I dreaded the office politics and tedious work. I had no time for family, friends or hobbies. My health deteriorated.

This couldn’t be the pinnacle I sacrificed my youth for. There had to be more to life.

Discovering the Fast-Paced World of Crypto

During a rare vacation, I read an article about traders profiting from Bitcoin’s volatility. As someone obsessed with numbers and trends, it immediately fascinated me.

I dove in headfirst learning everything about crypto trading during my spare time. I devoured guides, took online courses, and paper traded for months.

Something about crypto’s 24/7 pace and complex technical analysis lit me up. I’d stay up all night consuming every byte of content I could find.

While still skeptical, I knew deep down I needed to explore this new world. My soul craved this type of high-stakes, rewarding challenge.

Taking the Leap Into the Unknown

After 6 months of preparation, I decided to take the ultimate leap of faith – leaving my finance job to pursue crypto trading full time.

Colleagues thought I had gone mad walking away from a coveted position. But my parents and close friends gave me their blessing, so I took the jump.

With some savings to support myself for a year, I was now free to fully immerse myself in the wild world of crypto. It was terrifying and thrilling all at once.

“Those first few months were the hardest and loneliest of my life,” I remember. But my obsession with succeeding as a trader fueled me.

Ups and Downs of My First Year Trading Crypto

That first year contained many twists I never could have predicted.

My initial months trading were enormously difficult. The complex factors like technical analysis, risk management, and emotional discipline were overwhelming.

I made every rookie mistake possible.

Within 3 months, half my capital was gone. I considered throwing in the towel and begging for my old job back.

But as they say, when you hit rock bottom the only way is up.

I took a step back and continued sharpening my strategies through extensive backtesting and demo trading.

Slowly, my fortunes began improving. As I learned to fine-tune my statistical arbitrage and swing trading systems, profits came consistently.

The key was ignoring emotion and sticking to tested data-driven rules.

One and a half years in, I surpassed my old finance salary through consistent disciplined trading.

I started mentoring new traders to keep honing my own skills.

Fulfillment Replacing Emptiness

Today I’ve been a full-time trader for over 2 years. I’m more at peace than ever before.

Trading provides challenges and fulfillment my finance job never could.

My evolvement has followed this progression:

At 29 as a banker:

  • Earning big salary but feeling empty. No time freedom or joy.

First year trading crypto:

  • Terrifying leap into unknown. Massive growing pains and fears of failure.

Second year as crypto trader:

  • Hitting stride through statistics-based strategies. Thriving from high of profitable volatility.

Now in my third year:

  • Sense of mastery and peace working for myself. Still passionate for continuous improvement.

I’ve turned trading into a flexible lifestyle business on my terms. The financial rewards are secondary to the emotional satisfaction.

Key Tips for Aspiring Crypto Traders

For others considering following a similar path, here are my top tips:

  • Immerse yourself in the technical side for 6-12 months before risking real capital.
  • Start trading tiny amounts even if you have a large bankroll. Think of early losses as your educational tuition.
  • Keep a journal tracking every trade, strategy, and lesson. Review it constantly.
  • Accept losses as part of the game. Keep them small through strict risk management.
  • Avoid short-term gambling on “hot” assets. Find statistical edges versus trading the news.
  • Money comes and goes. Focus on process refinement and the thrill of the analytical challenge.

Final Thoughts

The corporate world sells us the myth that prestige and paychecks alone can provide fulfillment.

But too often, chasing these superficial goals only leads to emptiness.

I had to discard society’s rulebook and re-examine my values to discover work I find genuinely meaningful.

My crypto trading journey has been intensely difficult but immensely rewarding. The independence and excitement I gain fuels me each day.

For fellow aspiring traders in Kenya, I hope my story can give you courage to take the leap and discover your passion. The freedom to live life on your own terms is waiting – you just have to claim it.

Disclaimer: This story is a guest post. Views made here doesn’t represent views of Trading results aren’t typical. Trading is risky.

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