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How To Avoid Failure In Facebook Marketing In Kenya

How To Avoid Failure In Facebook Marketing In Kenya

Last updated on September 30th, 2022 at 08:03 pm

In this blog post, we will explore 15 of the most important things you need to know about marketing on Facebook in Kenya.

Why you should read this article?

If you’re wondering about how to get started with Facebook Marketing in Kenya, or what pitfalls there are that can waste time or money, then keep reading! 

These 15 tips will help you avoid failure in Facebook marketing in Kenya.

Tip #1: Keep Your Posts Unique To Engage More Users And Increase Reach

If your posts are mostly just reposts, followers may see them as spammy and stop following you. 

If someone takes the time to like or comment on one of your original posts, they are more likely to engage with it again if they see another post that is similar in content. 

This way, not only will people get a consistent stream of new information from you whenever they check their feed but also be reminded of what else interests them when scrolling through their timeline so there’s a higher chance for engagement! 

Exactly how many times should I post? 

The answer to this question is different for everyone and there are a lot of factors that go into it.

Most people can post up to five times per day without coming across as spammy.

But keep in mind the content you’re posting and your audience’s preferences when determining how often to post. 

If one or two posts each week get enough likes from friends and followers then maybe going on Facebook in Kenya every other day would be sufficient. 

However, if lots of people interact with your posts (likes, comments, shares) then you might get more engagement by posting more frequently such as once a day at a minimum.

Tip #2: Use the best practices for targeting. 

Unfortunately, not every Facebook user sees your ads in Kenya. 

The newsfeed is personalized and many users have opted to hide certain posts from their feed or limit who can send them updates from Pages they follow. 

To make sure you’re reaching as many people on Facebook in Kenya as possible, use these five techniques for targeting your audience more effectively:

  1. Create an Interest List of topics of interest based on what content consumers typically share with those interests in mind 
  2. Use Custom Audiences to target past visitors of a website or offline purchase customers (this option requires that you upload email addresses)
  3. Target by location and language settings using accurate zip codes/country information available through web browser cookie files 
  4. Target by demographics such as gender, age range, and parental status 
  5. Create a Lookalike Audience from an existing customer list to reach potential new customers with similar interests. Facebook’s algorithm will find the most appropriate people for you to target when it comes time to launch your ads

You can also use these five tips in tandem.

For example;

Create a custom audience of past visitors to your website and then exclude them from seeing any future posts if they’re not part of this lookalike group. 

You’ll want to avoid targeting too narrowly because that would mean excluding those who might share your content outside their network but still be interested in what you have to say. 

Your ultimate goal is for others on Facebook — friends or not — to see your content and share it with their friends.

Tip #3: Know the difference between marketing and advertising: 

The difference between marketing and advertising can be difficult to understand because they serve different purposes. 

Marketing involves attracting new customers through awareness while advertising targets existing customers by reminding them about products they’ve already purchased (or tried). 

When you’re trying to get people interested in what you have to offer, think “marketing.” Once somebody has become part of your target audience, then think “advertising.”

Tip #4: Create a campaign for each product you offer 

The best way to increase the likelihood that your message will be seen is to create an individual marketing campaign for each of your products. 

This can seem like a lot of work but if done properly, it can lead to better results and increased sales. 

When people are interested in more than one product on your site, they’ll need some help deciding which option is right for them—and this should come from you! 

If you don’t have time or energy to manage separate campaigns with multiple posts per day, try creating “mega-campaigns” (a single post once per week) instead.

Tip #5: Facebook Ads: You Deserve It!

If you’re not already advertising on Facebook in Kenya, it’s time to start. 

The pages that are using this strategy have seen some amazing results! 

By targeting specific audiences and creating effective ads your budget will last longer giving you more bang for the buck. 

When choosing keywords, be sure to use ones related specifically to your page or product–not just generic words like “baby” or “cars”.

Tip #6: Give Them Something To Talk About!

If there is one thing about marketing with social media in Kenya that both newbies and veterans alike can agree upon – it’s difficulty in generating content. 

One of the best ways around this problem is by engaging a community manager who has a knack for coming up with fresh, creative ideas.

Tip #7: Offer Something Of Value

The most important thing to remember about your marketing strategy in Kenya is that you are providing something of value – whether it be information or entertainment. 

You want people to see the page and feel a sense of excitement in their gut because they know there’s going to be something worthwhile waiting on the other side when they click through. 

If you’re lucky enough, this might even result in those coveted likes!

Tip #8: Offer a giveaway for the best comment

This is another great way of getting people’s attention on social media in Kenya.

But it can be tricky if you’re not sure what type of comments you want to see. 

One suggestion would be asking questions so that people are able to actively engage with their posts which will also encourage them to come back and post more often in order to improve their chances! 

If all else fails then put out some “fun” freebies like stickers or pins and watch as they flood in! 

Tip #9: Gamify Your Page Design

This is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic. 

You just need to ensure that you are constantly testing out different ideas so as not to get stuck in a rut with your page design. 

An easy way to do this would be through A/B split-testing where you’re able to see which designs work best and disregard those that don’t produce any results. 

If you’re up for it, why not try turning your cover photo into an interactive quiz or even adding an element of gamification to your page?

Tip #10: Post engaging content

When you’re posting to Facebook in Kenya, make sure your posts are interesting and informative. 

Try not to post the same thing more than once a day. 

If people see the same thing every time they log on, it will just annoy them instead of attracting their attention or making them want what you offer. 

Tip #11: Make sure all links lead somewhere useful

If somebody clicks on one of your links or ads and ends up at an error page, they’ll be frustrated (and disappointed). 

So always check that there’s something for visitors when clicking any link on your site—even if it leads back here! 

Remember that too many redirects can also irritate customers so keep this in mind as well while creating campaigns with multiple redirects.

Tip #12: Build a Strong Presence on Social Media in Kenya

Keeping up with current trends and awareness of the latest social media news is crucial for any marketing campaign, especially for those who rely heavily on social media channels like Facebook in Kenya. 

The more people that see your posts, ads, or website updates means you’ll be getting closer to achieving success. 

If people are actively engaging with your content then it’s likely they’re going to spread the word about it too which will lead to increased traffic – just make sure everything is relevant so there isn’t an influx of negative feedback instead!

Tip #13: Be active and engaged in conversation with followers

It’s not just a broadcast channel; it’s also an opportunity for two-way dialogue! 

Make sure that when you’re online talking to people, it feels personal and conversational rather than like a sales pitch. 

This is great advice if you are trying to make friends as well as influence them!

Tip #14: Use videos

You can find success with video as well, but ensure that it is engaging because you will need a decent number of views before getting any real reach benefits from it.

Try out shorter videos in order to combat this problem. 

Videos are also an excellent source for reaching users on mobile devices.  

Tip #15: Do not overdo trends

Stay away from overdoing trends like live streaming or adding links within posts which may result in people spamming these features without really understanding why they’re doing so (i.e., not understanding how hashtags work). 

Additionally, planning out your content in advance can help you make sure that the posts stay fresh without having to post them all at once.

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